How do I reinforce items

seriously, i have no clue

Tailoring if its cloth, If it’s metal use a soldering Iron.

You’ll need either a sewing kit (For cloth/leather) or a soldering iron (for plastic, Kevlar, ect.) You’ll also need material to reinforce it with. So, if it’s made of cloth, you’ll need rags. Reinforcing clothing may take multiple tries depending on your tailoring or mechanics skill. (Tailoring if reinforcing with a sewing kit, mechanics if using soldering iron.)

And if the item can have the “[Fits]” tag, that will be added before it is reinforced.

Yeah, you’ll make sure any clothing fits you before reinforcing it. Some items however, can never fit you, but can be reinforced. Backpacks, dufflebags, etc. can never fully fit you possibly due to balance.