How do you repair weapons?

I recently found a katana or some other powerful sword early on, and managed to damage it a bit. Its now marked. How do I repair?

use a soldering iron on it. have some scrap metal avalable.

Based on and trains Mechanics, FWIW. May want to read up a bit before repairing a katana; high-end armor requires higher skill to repair, and I’m not sure if that’s implemented for weapons. Would imagine so, though.

'a’pplying a welder will do too.

But a Welder use much more batteries per use.

If your anal about realism, the welder might be the better option. Then again, as a blacksmith irl, I would never use a welder to repair a sword unless it was really messed up and needed to get new metal onto the blade. even if it was snapped in half, I would probably try a forge weld first… but im not very good at forge welding. EVEN THEN, Im not too confident with the steel a traditional katana is usually made from. Im not THAT experienced, and Id prolly end up screwing the blade and paying to replace it…

[size=4pt]mostly I just do pot racks and hooks…[/size]