What the hell is the lore for this game

The Lore page is incomplete and confusingly written and links to several redlink pages. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Does anyone actually know if there’s a lore or not?

Woah, a lot of that is really old and has long since been rewritten. I mean the timeline is basically still valid, and the faction stuff at the bottom is mostly correct, albeit a bit sparse, but a lot of the rest of it just isn’t the canon anymore.

As for what the lore actually is, there isn’t exactly one good place to get it all, especially since we tend to rewrite or retcon little bits and pieces of it as we go based on the rules of cool, fun, and realism. I can try to outline the basics of the more agreed upon parts here if you want, though many of those aren’t technically “official” until they are expressed somewhere in-game.


Sure thing, though it’s turning out to be a big enough writeup that I’m thinking when it’s done it’s most likely going to be showing up on the library forum rather than here. :stuck_out_tongue:

With any luck I should have a version up on the secret dev forum within a day or two for review, then we can get it up on the library board and people can go crazy with it. :slight_smile:


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I would love it if there was an agreed canon for how the world turned into the cataclysm.