Amigara Horrors

What is the lore behind these creatures? I know the story but how did the other end of the fault line end up under the USA? Just looking for how they fit in lore-wise.
(If this is the wrong thread for this then I apologize)

Did you look it up?

No, this is a legitimate plot hole. The manga has both ends of the fault in Japan, IIRC.

As I wrote in the mine guide: that’s some Cataclysm, all right.

So are the foreman log notes cannon for the plot or are they going to be reworked? Because right now they claim that they uncovered it a while back…(?) Or is it just cataclysm magic science.

Not every weird thing in Cataclysm is necessarily due to the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm is all those weird things. You can’t pinpoint just one event causing it.

It’s one of those things in-game that just doesn’t have a logical explanation. The whole point of Cata DDA (in my opinion at least) is this crazy, hodge-podge collection of every B-movie horror trope ever made, rolled into one big shitstorm which our survivors are (unluckily) stuck in. While a lot of the more major things do have lore to go with them, there are smaller things (like this) that are just plain there.

I think a lot of the complaints we get about items are rooted in the fact that some people see the game as a lot more serious than it’s actually intended to be. This isn’t “The Walking Dead”, this is the CATACLYSM, the shit has hit the fan in EVERY way physically possible (and sometimes in ways physically impossible), and the survivors are just going to have to deal with it.

Sadly no much people think like you, because we still have lore maniacs D: