What is the post limit for a topic?

Just as it says on the tin.
I’m just asking this out of pure curiousity.

this seems like a question thats best answered when it isn’t asked…

Whenever Kevin gets miffed and closes the the thread :wink:


I appreciate Kevin and all, but I feel like he gets over aggressive with closing threads sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes.

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I assume that the thread limit is probably 7500 or 10000.
My reasoning is because I’ve seen threads surpass 5000 and those two numbers are pretty.

After a long day it can be easy to read stuff and not put much depth of thought into something. Then be dismissive or abrupt.

But as long as the idea is sound in your mind. I think putting something in a smaller more concise package as eloquently put as possible also helps garner an interest in whatever topic “it” happens to be.

A good idea may not always be at the right time. So biding it for awhile and either retelling the tale or remaking it from a different perspective at a later date can be much more beneficial.

There is no limit to the amount of posts you can have in any thread unless Kevin sets one. It is absolutely possible to have a thread with over 10000 posts in it if it doesn’t get locked before it gets there.

unless you forget it. Then it just goes unsaid and potentially lost to the sands Velociraptors of time.

The platform default is 10,000 for performance reasons, I believe I reduced this a great deal (to 1,000 or so), but I can’t find the config option for it to double check.

The reason for this is simple, it is incredibly difficult to get anything out of such a long topic unless you are reading it as it happens.