Site Feature Showcase

Let me show you its features!

I’ll be showcasing features of the site occasionally so people know to use them.

First up, marking a thread as solved:
As I outlined and demonstrated here: Wind inside vehicles
Thread owners and Admins can mark a reply as an answer to the thread. I’ve enabled this in and, and it can be enabled elsewhere as needed.

This is great for when there’s a specific question with a specific answer, and also if a thread gets a response that’s like, “case closed, no further need for discussion”. If you’ve started a thread feel free to use this button (click the ‘…’ to the left of the Reply button in the reply that answered your question, then click the checkbox button), and if you think there’s a good solution to an open question, feel free to ping me and I can look at marking it solved.

NIce feature! thanks kevin. hopefully it won’t be needed too soon

One of the neat features of discourse is linking topics together. The general idea is that too-long topics are a pain to read, but it’s important to maintain the context that came before.

If you want to make a related-but-not-really-on-topic comment in a thread, please click the link button (resembles a chain) and then “+ new topic” button. The old conversation will be referenced, but it won’t pull all the history along with it. This allows the new topic to move in its own direction instead of making the original topic confusing to read.

If you have something to add to an old topic (One that presents a warning when you click the reply button), do the same.

If you don’t have anything to add, i.e. just want to make a random comment, don’t do it.

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