Why does a thread title need to be at least 15 characters long?

–Just as it says on the tin. I’d say spam, but that wouldn’t make sense, as all you really need to do is add a few more letters and still have plenty of spam; If you want to make a bunch of spam threads, you just need to make the title a bit longer. Is that really the reason? Or is it something else? Is it simply something like “Because I wanted it to be like that”?
–I guess I might simply have a different view about it because Aspergers (Which apparently is spelled wrong if not capitalized :unamused:).
-As a less relevant question, I assume the reason you need ‘x’ amount of characters in a comment is for spam? Now that would make sense.

Of course Asperger’s needs to be capitalized. It’s a name.

If it makes sense for that it makes sense for thread titles/contents, doesn’t it? I don’t see the logic in the question, I guess.

If I had to hazard a guess, or if I were the one in charge of discourse, I’d think the limits on comments would be to cut down on simple ‘lols’ or ‘I agree’ comments with nothing else in them, that sort of stuff. For threads, I’d guess it probably is primarily for spam, or so that you’re forced to be specific in describing your thread, rather than offhandedly just putting ‘MREs’ or something nonspecific.

We need new special thread w/o need to make long title for bug reporting… because “Bug report” contain only 9 chapters lol

“Bug report” is a stupid title, add a short description. We certainly dont need 50 different threads all titled bug report.

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We have many threads titeled “bug report” :fox_face:

Bug reports should go to github: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/blob/2e11d8d07f9ba59f9883c6faa2866b787afe5e47/ISSUES.md
Making bug reports here is not entierly useless bug it’s very inefficient.

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