What is currently infuriating me

I figure this is the place to air my current grievances with the game, in the vain and probably misplaced hopes that someone will notice them.

  1. Was it really that much of a hassle to press a directional key after “e” or “c?” Was it really necessary for the game to do it for me if there was only one interactable object? Because the game trying to do it for me has been causing me constant control problems. I know what I want to do, stop trying to do it for me. I’m a big boy, I can press a freakin arrow key. And now if I want to know what something is in the terrain, I need to press “x” and scroll over to it, and scrutinize the text box to figure it out. Otherwise, it either tries to interact with something, or just shrugs its shoulders while drooling all over itself. This is not helpful. And I can’t turn it the hell off.

  2. Feral humans. Just…no. I have a dodge rating of 22, and somehow I can’t dodge a barely-standing invalid throwing a rock at me. Rocks that literally do more damage to me than a 9mm bullet. And don’t tell me “they’re really big rocks.” First of all, they shouldn’t be able to lift rocks that big, and second of all, they carry up to seven of the freakin things. With no pockets. And third of all, when I hit something in the head with a meat cleaver from the same distance, it does single-digit damage. (Still.) But an emaciated husk limply throwing a rock at me hits like a laser-guided speeding truck. Okay.

  3. “Do you wanna stop now? Hey, you wanna stop? Are you gonna stop? Can we stop now? Wanna stop? Hey! Hey! Hey you wanna stop? Do you wanna stop? Are we stopping? Hey! Hey, you can stop! Do you wanna stop? Hey, let’s stop! Hey! HEY! DO YOU WANT TO STOP!? ARE WE GOING TO STOP!? HEY! HEY!! HEY YOU CAN STOP!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!” ignore further interruptions ignore further interruptions ignore further interruptions ignorefurtherinterruptionsignorefurtherinterruptionsignorefurtherinterruptionsIGNOREFURTHERINTERRUPTIONS i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Okay I’m done I’m going to bed

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Well “big boy” :smirk: , the last time (build 2021-09-28-1513) I’ve tried turning off the option Autoselect if exactly one valid target in the Interface tab of the Options screen it worked flawlessly… Since when does this no longer work?

They are easily modded out if you don’t like them… As for unable to dodge the rocks, that’s possible related to the “can’t dodge bullets” change.
I assume they carry and throw paving stones on their arm, like rioters sometimes do.

While I’m also annoyed by this, I don’t know in what case this happens to you since you didn’t mention any, so I can’t help you with that. For sound you could use the safemode manager, as an example.

I usually break a toilet to get wax for makeshift earplugs, that solves the interruptions from hearing things. If you have map memory you could throw on a blindfold to ignore threats while hauling for example.

I agree I wish there was a way to disable those spam messages entirely with an exception for dangerously close or attacked by warnings.

I also agree feral humans having laser accuracy is no good, those rocks rip up my gear so fast. If the rocks are big enough to do that kind of damage then they should reasonably be avoided through the feral occasionally missing or by the player dodging.

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As far as I understand there’s work going on to make ferals miss much of the time. The issue became critical when some ferals started to be equipped with guns. They’re not intended to never miss, it’s more or less a bug that there’s no hit calculation involved, which results in no chance to miss.

Moose spotted! Stop reading? (Case sensitive)

(I)gnore further distractions and finish

[Moose walks out of the field of view and reappears a few seconds later]

Moose spotted! Stop reading? (Case sensitive)


Yes, that’s one of the cases. If you reread what I’ve stated, you see that I’ve written that these things annoy me as well.
But there are other cases, like “Heared a noise”, “Something hurts”, “You’re tired”, and many, many more…
For most of these, there are workarounds or actual solutions, as stated as well. But I’m not going through all of them here without knowing WHICH OF THESE s-/he actually meant by this, as that would be an extremly exhausting list to write.

As for your case - as well as sound - I’ve already mentioned the safemode manager.

earplugs only help with auditory distractions, but do nothing for visual ones. And unfortunately I can’t wear a blindfold while crafting.
that means everytime a deaf and blind zombie wanders past my field of vision i have to stop

Amending with:

  • It is currently 74 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I am wearing nothing providing warmth. Therefore I shall move 34% slower today!

  • I stubbed my toe and got a boo-boo today. Then I rolled around in agony until I starved to death.

  • I tried using some adrenaline, but it did absolutely nothing for the pain. Big Pharma lied to us, adrenaline is a glorified Red Bull.

  • I missed a single mushroom. It turned half the city into a fungus paradise while I was asleep.

  • I lit an empty can of butane on fire. It immediately exploded in a giant fireball and I died instantly. Or was it the fertilizer?

  • There was a zombie that exploded into stinky kaka poopoo gas today. I decided to lie on the ground and let everything eat me, because I never learned how to hold my breath.

  • But boy oh boy, if you ask me how big my baggage is I will have an exact figure ready for you! Realism is fun!

  • I made some tea today. I decided that using the stove was for squares and I put it on the ground to work on it instead. Somehow it worked! But I can’t drink it immediately, I need to put it in something else first. Ultra Jesus said so. So real!

I’m honestly not sure what you try to say with most of these (and since you don’t seem to make much of an effort to explain, neither will I to try to understand), but:

That’s what the mod “No Fungal Growth” is for in current experimental versions, if you don’t want that to happen. It’s active by default.

The garage is the place to post bug reports, and while I’m not taking it down, I’m not interested in feedback in the form of you “airing your grievances”, so I’m not wading through your rant.

If you want to be taken seriously, be serious.