Cataclysm DDA 0.6 "Samedi" released

Windows catacurses download
Windows SDL download
Linux curses download
Linux SDL download
Source is available at as always.

Features - Check the changelog for a full list

[ul][li]Zombies will revive after a time, if not butchered (or otherwise dealt with).[/li]
[li]Overkilled monsters now spray gibs around instead of disapearing.[/li]
[li]Smashing corpses renders them incapable of reviving. (smash action or overkill)[/li]
[li]Gasoline can be siphoned from vehicles. Requires a rubber hose for now - these are easier to acquire.[/li]
[li]Most kinds of clothing can be repaired now, using various different materials.[/li]
[li]Inventory management UI improvements, and a new screen to organize worn items.[/li]
[li]Reworked the learning system: replaced XP with Focus.[/li]
[li]Many new buildings.[/li]
[li]Many new multi-stage missions.[/li]
[li]Higher-performance (on windows) SDL-based rendering[/li]
[li]Significantly improved overall performance[/li]
[li]Vehicle physics significantly improved.[/li]
[li]Vehicle UI streamlined.[/li]
[li]Headlights extend much further now.[/li]
[li]Optionally you can switch to using trigonometric distance instead of rogurelike. In other words LOS, light, etc are circular instead of square.[/li]
[li]Sound indicator lets you know how much noise you’re making.[/li]
[li]Turn cost indicator lets you know how long actions take.[/li]
[li]Mostly remove limits on how many items fit in a tile of ground.[/li]
[li]Big batch of new archery items, arrows, bows, crossbows, and associated crafting recipes.[/li]
[li]Numerous bugfixes.[/li][/ul]

These really are just the highlights, we incorporated literally hundreds of changes since 0.5.

What exactly is the difference between download one and two?

Not sure about SDL versus Catacurses.

Catacurses is our internal library for mapping linux-style terminal drawing commands to the windows system. It works surprisingly well, but it’s a bit slow. The SDL version uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer library to render the text. Reports are that this makes for much faster rendering on windows systems, also the font support is a little different from the curses version.

tl;dr SDL is faster on windows.

Cool, thanks.

Aww yiss

Hurray! Thanks a lot for working so hard on CataDDA and adding so many new features. :slight_smile: And if I’m not mistaken, the updates are coming faster too.

There seems to a bug were if you something, the game freezes. I don’t know if that’s just on my end or not.

Seeing new updates just makes my day better, haha. Thanks for the great work, will be checking it out soon!

Elaboration maybe?

Elaboration maybe?[/quote]
Yeah that’s a bit of a serious problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any word on farming yet?

Imbalanced. I become terminator with bow after two hours playing.

My apologizes for posting twice in this thread, as I’m not really if this is considered a double-post or not, but have giant ants been weakened? Last version, I couldn’t barely kill one with a baseball bat, now I killed two dozen with a half-full bottle of water.

well until the devs decide it’s okay maybe bout 2-3 releases after the kickstarter is successful and mainline projects/additions and fixes are finished.

There is a kickstarter? May I have a link?

Elaboration maybe?[/quote]

It seems to be working fine now. But what meant was, when I attempt to smash or attack something, my character would freeze.

There is a kickstarter? May I have a link?[/quote]
Kickstarter Forum Thread:
Kickstarter itself:

Any word on when the MAC version of .6 will be available?

As soon as we can find someone willing and able to compile it.

Crashed when I browsed the items list down to the word “purse” in debug mode. Wonder why.