What happened to SDG?

  1. He was invited, but he made the decision to not join the project. I’m not clear what respect he was supposed to be getting that wasn’t happening, he had just as much opportunity to garner respect as anyone.
  2. Again, people don’t get a pass on bad behavior based on contributions. Not allowing spamming is a basic rule of any forum that wants to continue operating.
  3. We did handhold him, he got multiple chances to correct his behavior just like anyone else. As for his personal wellbeing, I’m not really qualified to handle that, if you are feel free to contact him and help out.

Hahaha knew this would happen, my joke even preempted it. Lets find a way to blame the devs despite the fact that the evidence for why he was banned IS LITERALLY A FEW POSTS BELOW THIS ONE ON THIS FORUM.


Wait, SDP? Is that you?

Now granted, this is unpaid work volunteered for the betterment of a game, but let me propose a scenario:

Say you were a small business owner and had a group of employees working for you. Now when you hired them, surely you had rules of conduct while on the clock that you laid out for them and expected them to follow. Everyone seemed to get along by and large, managed to keep the peace and follow the rules while they performed their given tasks, except for one person. This person blared music when/where it was not appropriate, verbally abused your other staff and perhaps you yourself and wouldn’t take any critiques of their work. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to speak to this employee about their conduct, they blow up and storm off. What do you do?

Do you take into account they were one of your better salespeople and give them yet another pass? How does the rest of your staff not perceive that as favoritism and begin to get resentful? Maybe they see it as a sign they don’t have to follow the rules either? How does any of that advance your company’s goals?


CDDA isnt a “small business” owned by one person. Its a community project that has now lost value and momentum because no one wants to play in Ascii. I prefer my example of the sports team with trouble stars or perhaps a military base with a bar outside. If your soldiers are getting drunk and catching the clap from going to the bar you shut down the bar you dont shoot the soldiers. The soldiers are necessary for the reason the base exists while the bar is tertiary and irrelevant. Shut the damn discord down completely if its a trap. The discord doesnt matter - the game matters. The game is why were are here and SDG’s contribution to the game was 1000000 times more valuable and relevant than a tiny # of discord lurkers feeling annoyed or a moderators need to ban someone. Also when the dramatic types say “I’m leave you” or in this case “ban me” its usually an invitation to remind them how valued they are not slam the door in their face…havnt you seen any old movies?

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Everything you said there is hilarious.


First of all, I have no idea why you attribute such a godlike status to SDG. Dozens of people have worked very hard on making tilesets recently, including several contributors to retrodays (which has no stolen art!) and even more to Ultica (which has no stolen art!) - and these are community driven projects, which allow other people to contribute and add. SDG refused to let anyone else work on Undead People. That’s his choice I suppose, but it’s certainly not in the spirit of our project. He was not part of our project. Nevertheless this absurd celebrity status you’re applying to him because he happened to be the person most recently working on the tilesets with the longest history and therefore most tiles is just that: absurd. It’s also extremely rude to those of us that have offered hundreds of hours of pixel art time in the last while trying to prepare for just such a possibility, since undeadpeople was never well suited to this project due to copyright issues, and this isn’t the first time SDG has packed up his toys and left.

More directly to the point, no. A community driven project must not treat one person as above the rules. I can think of no surer death. Even if SDG actually was the only person doing art for the project, or our most important contributor (both of which are absolute parody level comments, let me say that again), treating him like that made him above the rules everyone else who contributes must follow would be the most fucking stupid thing we could possibly do.


But in this case the moderators are actually the ones making the game …

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The ones making the game arent important.
We can do without them.
The only thing thats important is to coddle one artist and bend the rules for them.

Remove the devs, remove the dev discord, remove the github,and just make sprites.
The sprites dont need a game, the sprites are the important thing, wont anybody think of the sprites?


CDDA isn’t a small business, no. It is led by one person however. I would have to ask which military base you’ve been to that would coddle the soldiers and just attribute their misconduct to being the bar’s fault? If they didn’t know better, they get reminded. If that didn’t work, they get reprimanded.

A sports team might tolerate a star player acting out of bounds for a while, but if they can’t get it together guess who’s contract doesn’t get renewed? League penalties, bad press and possible legal action just aren’t worth keeping them around.

Soldiers are necessary for a base to exist, but you can get new soldiers any time. The base existed before the problem soldier & will continue to exist after. Same for sports teams.

Here’s a useless comment:
Nothing usefull will come from going forward with this thread, J_B is obviously trolling and us ansewring back for sh*t and giggles is not going to get us anywhere.

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Having rules for rules sake is “the most fucking stupid” thing you could do. The project is more important than some side forum thing. Looking at all the incomplete small out of date tile sets might give you pause to reconsider this person’s value. I’m sure Artists will be lining up to fill his shoes after being shown how much their 1000s of hours of work can be snapped away for trivial nonsense. Why would anyone want to work on this project when this is the loyalty and community support they can expect?

You do realise that not only your arguments make no sens to begin with but on top of that sdg is still making the tileset, right? No one needs to be here or on the dev discord to make a tileset and distribute it.


I can kind of understand where J_B is coming from. I don’t care if the guy who made my tileset wants to call me a faggot. I once worked a construction job with a framer who was a convicted (and unrepentant) rapist. He was a good framer so we all kind of just kind of gritted our teeth and took it in stride whenever he got… weird on us.

That said, he always showed up on time and sober (which TBH is actually kind of rare for that industry) and he did what he was paid to do. And if he had actually been raping people on the jobsite, I think even the best worksmanship in the world wouldn’t have kept him around. I’ve worked MANY jobs in various menial fields of labour (construction, agriculture, etc) where I was the ONLY white guy in the place outside of management who wasn’t a felon or parolee, but pretty much all of them tend to demand that we not commit felonies WHILE WE’RE WORKING FOR THEM.

So in short, while I do think some people go overboard with this “bad behavior” crap, I also understand them having the prerogative to ask you not to do it around them.


…on the other end of the spectrum, I once worked for some Mennonites who would fire you for cursing on the premises.

Having major contributors in exile and pissed off is not a good way to run a project. And lets be honest- your going to keep using his stuff. Seems disrespectful and unfair and why doesnt anyone care about this person’s wellbeing and what in his life caused him to lash out in the first place? Kevin should be the better man and bring him back into the fold

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I’m not sure what you mean by “your going to keep using his stuff” but personaly I play with Ultica, and the tileset is not in the repo anymore so the answer is no.



…disgrace yourself in the Armed Forces of Novorossiya and they’ll take away your weapon and send you to fill up sandbags under the fire of Ukrainian artillery positions.

Ok @J_B j this farce has gone on long enough, you clearly aren’t listening to anything you’re being told, and we’ve wrung every bit of clarification we can out of this bizarre mix of hypotheticals and concern trolling.

If you want to support SDG, you can do so from 2ch or his own discord, but he has shown no interest in rejoining the dda community.