What goes on in labs?

Seriously what fuck goes on? In the past two labs I’ve been in, I always hear strange voices talking about “Give it a prisoner to experiment on” and some people crying in a certain direction, but when I go check it out I find this thing called a Mi-go in a glass containment room. When I went to a side room and came back, the creature was gone, but none of the glass was broken and none of the doors were open. Is the creature replicating human voice or something? I never thought that I would get this scared from an ASCII game.

Yeah, pretty much.

You might take out a turret (ranged plz; throwing Rocks works OK if you have a lot of them) and read the lab notes.

Well shit, I don’t know what happened, as soon as I spotted a manhack, everything went to hell. Zombies and robots coming from everywhere, I had to run like hell just to get up the stairs.

Rape everywhere.

I was wondering what is with the spawns in labs, version-git pull from a week or two ago.

I can raid a lab with out a single encounter then, all of a sudden, Z’s r’s and r’s come pouring out of the walls. I had infra vision so it wasn’t much of a “oh shit” moment.

I haven’t noticed the Mi-go saying shit. Then again I only read the text when I am fighting.

I had the same shit with the Mi-Go and i think its the Mi-Go thats talking , because moments before i smashed my truck in its face it said “I wonder if you understand what i am saying”.

Damn , Labs are so scary now.

Ooh… they finally made labs scary now? Sweet.

Mi-go aren’t telepathic with human beings, though they can speak English audibly in a buzzing insectiod voice. They’re just talking.

They are originally from an H.P. Lovecraft story called “The Whisperer in Darkness”; they’re giant flying lobster monsters made out of fungus that secretly colonized Earth to mine shit from it.

That makes sense, I always hear the sounds from the direction the Mi-go is in. Also, how did you fit a truck down in a lab? O_o

I didn’t fit truck down the lab , i brought Mi-Go up because of bug that makes everything teleport Z-level up when you go up.

i went to another lab with Mi-Go and i think it can only repeat what was said to it and if thats true then some terrible shit has happened down in the lab. It said so many things , they were terrible that even i feel disguisted about them.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:4, topic:1648”]Rape
Rape everywhere.[/quote]