Creepy labs!

Was on the first floor of the lab. tried to sleep on a bed then i get woken up by a child shreiking. then I’m walking down a hall, i kill 2 zombies and hear from the northeast " how was the movie?".
It freaking me out because i just finished watching were the millers. Any thoughts. I’ve never seen this before
also i just noticed. " the zommbie scientist opens it’s mouth and a beam shoots towards tou!"
I have a feeling I’m just not use to these haunted labs…

There is a source of the voices, but that’s a bit of a spoiler.

The voices are actual sounds ingame, so you should probably either locate and deal with them or get out. (They add to the dynamic spawn noise level.)

ZedSci beams are radiation, with a chance to immediately mutate you. (The radiation itself wouldn’t go high enough from 0.)

Awsome. too bad my cocaine addicted gangster died from turrets.
ill have to do that again with another guy.

spoilers ahead

well these things what you hear like “kill me please” are mi-go, 1 time i died because in city i heard some talking (maybe survivor camp in city?) but i found only some dead drug dealers and i joined them because i was killed by mi-go, seriusly it took me 3 characters to know that human voice is actualy mi-go (nice trap for new players)

EDIT: sorry for spoilers i hidden this under spoiler

Everything is a trap, newbbbb.

Dangit Arek.

sorry but i hide spoilers now and given warning

I heard voices in a lab too, luckily the spoiler was trapped behind glass so I could get out… I think it might have escaped shortly after though, since I heard an alarm as I was leaving the lab…



Iä yog-sothoth!

I avoid the new labs. Too hard to navigate with existing mapping system.

for me navigating in lab is not too hard just mark exit and you can explore lab one map title is one type of labs most common type is X shaped corridor with 4 rooms and sometimes 4 exit from this map title alslo in middle you can find stairs to next floor alslo i seen computer room (sometime with few zombies) and storage room (some crates and zombies) alslo spoiler alertroom with cages of reinforced glass empty or with mi-go and room with some bionics

Now a note from your Human Safety And Zombie Genocide Department Of Awesome Kills Department.
Only you, can prevent Spoilers!
Also, them voices creep me out, if I hear one, this is exactly what I do…
"Kill Me"
Escapes Lab
We must burn it! Angry Mob Of NPCs In A Future Version!
Throw the molotovs!!
And that’s how you should deal with Mi-Go voices, even with the NPCs.