The Bizarre Experiments of Mi-go (Spoilers for Lab/Lore?)

So, I’ve heard mi-go are supposed to be intelligent, skilled at surgery/dissection, and apparently even have some sort of lightning rifles in the expanded canon of the Lovecraft universe. It’s been a while since I’ve read Lovecraft, so I’ll make some time to catch up tomorrow. In the mean time, I decided to do some loose brainstorming what sort of shenanigans experiments they’d get into if they got free in the Labs.

[ul][li] Brains in jars. Classic sci-fi trope, apparently something mi-go do. Perhaps they could have a psychic fear attack? Mind attacks are underutilized, but show up in some other finales, so there’s precedent.[/li]
[li]The previously mentioned lightning gun. I don’t know how theirs are, so I’m thinking it could be either a direct line of electrical charge (Think Fortune from Metal Gear Solid 2’s weapon), a clone of the Chain Lightning CBM, or even perhaps a more spread of sparks like the shocker zombies. Could someone familiar with the Lovecraft EU (Coolthulhu?) comment on what they’re like?[/li]
[li]If they are skilled surgeons, what would they think of mutagen? They are enemies with the zombie faction, but not necessarily the blob. The medical line seems like something they would be interested in. [/li][/ul]

Thoughts, especially folks familiar with Lovecraft and the expanded works?

They grab human brains and take them to their outposts in space.

Lightning gun seems to be a relatively common theme. I’d rather see it as Quake LG rather than chain lightning. Not all that interesting, but predictable, with no chance of harming the user.

They operate on each other and modify own bodies to suit their role. There are workers, scientists and soldiers.
Mutagen is something for humans, not Mi-go. They don’t need it. Though they could possibly use it on some slaves to make them work better.

They would develop a cult of humans.

This could also be used to expand and add variants of the mi-go. Could have a scientist caste use unpredictable devices like the zombie scientist does.

Or genetic modifications could be weaponized via the mutating ability that one of the other nether monsters has.