What files do I need to backup if I want to keep my settings and curent run/save but reinstall the launcher after reformatting and reinstalling Win on my PC?

Hope this is the correct category for this, but I just reinstalled windows and added an SSD and reformatted my HDD. I made a backup of CDDA on an external hard drive. Can I just copy and paste the entire thing back onto my PC, or should I reinstall the launcher and just replace some files/folders.

If I was to reinstall the launcher, I’m not sure if I know all the files/folders to replace, but am guessing it would be the config folder, font folder, save folder, and save-backup folder. Would that be all the folders to replace in the new install, or am I forgetting any or including any I wouldn’t actually need?

Thanks for any help.

edit: I tried a reinstall of the launcher and tried replacing those folders, as well as mods and data folder, but just got a bunch of errors when trying to load my game, so I just copy and pasted the backup from the external to my C:\ drive… I guess that’s just the easiest way

The game should be self-contained. I have multiple copies of it from different versions so you should just be able to copy/paste the whole thing where you want it and be good to go. Might need to update the directory in the launcher to match it’s location on the new drive but otherwise a simple copy/paste should be good to go.

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