Launcher version 1.4.10 won't work

I was going to play some cataclysm today but, when I opened my desktop shortcut to it, it says the launcher itself has been removed or moved somewhere and then it ask me if I want to delete the shortcut. So I tried to find the launcher but all I found was the shortcut of the launcher and then I tried to download
the actual launcher again which got a new 1.4.10 update from Remyroy but, when I finished the installment afterwards and let it startup by itself, my laptop said that it detected some malware or unwanted software in it. So what do I do?

This is your anti-virus program which removes the launcher after you install it.
Add an exception to your anti-virus program for the launcher or its installation path to solve that issue.

So windows defender, I know how to allow an app through the firewall but i don’t know how in defender or do I put the location of the launcher’s folder in the “Excluded files and locations” tab in defender which it says excluding certain files and locations could help speed up a scan but it may leave your computer less protected.

Yes, exactly. After excluding that folder, you probably have to download the launcher again to that folder as it probably removed it when it found it last time.
You should be able to have a desktop shortcut to it afterwards, but the launcher itself has to stay in that excluded folder.

It works now but can I move my previous saves into the new launcher? or the tilesets?

Yes, that should be possible without any problems*.

*I’d still suggest you copy them over instead of moving, just to make sure nothing breaks (not only because of the launcher, but also because of the state the game is in at the moment, if you play experimental releases). That way you have a backup if something goes wrong.

There’s no save folder or gfx folder in the new launcher folder tho so I don’t know where to put it.

Follow the paths, keep the same structure as it had. I assume most files in the old folder still exist, only the executable launcher is missing.
If you have a folder in your old main folder which is called cdda and in it is your save and tileset, just copy the whole cdda folder over to the folder containing the new launcher.

Alternatively, you could run the new launcher once, choose and download one of the game builds, start the game once and exit it afterwards. This should generate the save and gfx folders.

so do I put it in the actual launcher folder or the folder that holds the actual launcher folder inside?

I’d say the actual launcher folder, but I don’t know how your setup looks.
If it doesn’t work in one place, move it over to the other.

It worked, the saves, tilesets, and the other things are in the game so I think were all good here thx man :smile:

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