What do YOU do to protect your base?

I use deep pits and a lot of bear and nail traps to protect mine and a little turret for the big critters.

I don’t have a stationary base. But if I did, it would have soooo many bear traps and landmines. Walls enveloped by security cameras. Pits, yes. Barbed wire just for the looks of it. Turrets on top of turrets. A battery storage so large it could power a small city for months. On the other hand, I just might hole up/down into a lab or an evac shelter. The basements are almost irresistible. No sunlight there will ever bother your sleep.

I’m now thinking of putting a base next to a lava streak, using the streak as a front entrance trap. A “Welcome” doormat.

Another idea that pops into my mind is to build a wall of shredders and by using blunt weapons and high strength one might be able to send zombies flying into the shredders. Not sure if they’d take damage from the shredders though.

Or how about a long narrow corridor and a “vehicle” that consists mainly of a frame, a shredder, a battery, an engine and a wheel. The idea is to send the tiny vehicle down the corridor when it’s full of zombies. Accelerate to whatever speed and jump out. Could even have several of those lined up and ready.

Walls. And if I get bored pits.

‘Defense’ in this game is really limited to just going out and punching whatever keeps making that racket outside. And keeping a short shotgun in an ankle holster for NPCs.

Really unfortunate, actually. Traps are neat in this game, but basically extraneous.

for me just being silent is enought but if i can my crafting stadion outer part what is normaly covered with solar panels will have some flood lights and pulse laser turrets maybe cameras too because digging pits and creating palisade take too much materials and time for me (when you live in city steel is realy common thing)

I don’t bother with defenses around my base, mainly because once I clear my town it becomes completely barren, am I missing something? because i have never had a problem regarding home attacks but i like to settle defenses just to try the turrets.

Are you playing with Hordes activated? Because you might want to restate that fact if so.

Eh, Is not that easy if you have the hordes on, in fact turrets? in like digging his own grave, a a pretty bad idea having a thing that point where is your base to all hordes in a low range.

At least I don´t find it practical unless you have a infinite source of bullets for shotting all day and all night nonstop.

Underground, no real defense. Hordes spawn above ground, and aside from noise coming up above, they won’t get to where I’m storing items underground. There’s a few milspec turrets set down there, but they’re more decoration than actual defense.

On the bases I’ve made underground, I usually make sure that the places I go to are somewhat far from cities and I try to make sure that hordes won’t pop up while I’m making the base.

Just a heads up in case your base is only 1 z level below ground, if a bunch of hulks and other baddies group up above you it is possible for them to smash holes in the floor and jump down, I have had it happen lots of times when I am trying to hide out in basements

Hm. Interesting. I generally assume it’s due to the house above caving in or a car exploding.

There’s a spot where small hordes gather above my base - it’s under a shoggoth who keeps making noise. Once in a while I go there and quietly kill the group of zeds for some peace.

Are you playing with Hordes activated? Because you might want to restate that fact if so.[/quote]

I heard people complaining about hordes being usually ridiculously overpowered, like one horde having a lot of hulks and necromancers, still i’ll give it a try to my next play.

Hordes are not so bad. Theyre annoying at times and all the BS of spawns etc.

But They were awful in earlier experimentals, not so much now. They make the game harder and all that though.

i like hordes, in older experimentals/stable they are realy easy (they just spawn on edge of your reality bubble only creating wall of flesh what waits for my MRCT to ram into it) in latest exerimentals they pursuit player and can be real danger, they forced me to stop living in city at early game