What city size/spacing values do you use?

I use big size numbers with small spacing numbers, but something someone said about smaller sizes with a bit of spacing made me think my way made the game too easy. Don’t really struggle for food/items and if you need to move on the next city is within easy reach.
So I was wondering what values you use for city spacing/size.

City size 10, spacing 4 but I also have higher spawn rate for zombies so doing anything but sneaking around towns can get pretty dicey.

Most of my worlds were based on city size 1, spacing 8. Although it looks like a quite empty world, it does not work this way. The distance between cities is not so big but they are small (mostly ordinary houses). There is a mod that spawns destroyed buildings. It changes a lot in terms of gameplay, realism and immersion. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of this mod

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Nowadays I play size 8, spacing 3.

Originally I thought I’d love size 16 cities so my first game had that, but I find smaller cities to be a much nicer balance of residential and commercial. With size 16 I had to plow through miles and miles of zombie infested residential houses before getting to The Good Stuff.

size 9 space 5, i thought it would be a good way to level up my combat skills (throwing and archery), otherwise i wouldnt go on adventures to train them.

So far size is 8-10 and spacing is 3-5. Apart from the oddball size 1 spacing 8.
I shall have to give these a try and see how they work out.

Currently playing with Size 6, spacing 4. I like being able to check off a city after completely clearing it out

I find that 16 city and 6 spacing gives me the most realistic cities.

After last year’s city gen changes that actually give you proper suburbs I play with size 6 and spacing 6. Otherwise there’s just too much residential area to go through to get to the inner city. On most maps this generates a fair number of small towns, a few moderately sized ones and the occassional big city. Also there is lots of space in between so wilderness starts are actually challenging because cities are not all over the place.

I use city size 11 (or is it 12, I’d have to check when I get home) with spacing set to 7.

I like the feel of a large open world, so usually spacing 6-7 and city size 9-11. Large cities are awesome and with increased zombie spawn it is a real challenge to get to the good stuff in the center.

Is it this one?

This one relies on LUA and doesn’t work with 0.D (unless you’re using the unofficial LUA fork). If this isn’t the one you’re using, please please share with the rest of us. I enjoyed playing a later start with this mod. I miss having to worry about the structural integrity of the building I’m in, it made for a lot of fun.

It is and it is not. I remember that I was very surprised due to the fact that I have not added ‘Degrade Buildings’ to the ‘mods’ folder and still encountered damaged buildings. I am 100% sure that one of official mods (that are available in a vanilla version) works / used to work in the same way as ‘Degrade Buildings’. I was soooooo grateful to the developers for implementing it into Cata. But it was before 0.D

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I’m pretty sure degrade buildings was available in the launcher for 0.C. I’ve yet to see anything in 0.D that resembles the kind of degredation that mod could induce, bc that mod literally went through each house as it was generated and added random damage to random parts. Which led to nice things like dropping a building when you hit a window once. I always liked to picture them as teetering shells, waiting for that final push to bring them down. It got pretty stupid on occasion, with buildings becoming almost as risky to enter as running naked into the arms of a horde. I’d often find myself making noise outside a house for awhile to stir up anything inside, lest I risk the dread ‘single smash house implosion’ technique being used against me. You knew there was something in there when the whole house came down. I miss that poorly implemented but oh so intriguing mod.

Oh, I guess I should participate in the thread too: I like 8/6 for my worlds, it seems to leave plenty of room for extensive roadways with lots of single structure offshoots. The cities are a decent size without being overwhelming, though I’ve seen more than a few giant metropolis’s.

edit: On consideration, the mod wasn’t poorly implemented so much…it just really brought the flaws in the house collapse code to the forefront of my attention. I know asking for physics calculations is unreasonable…but so is a 1 in x chance of collapsing a part of the roof when you break a window frame or door.