Largest city size and space but allows for specials like mansions/factories?

I want the biggest cities but still enough space for overmap specials, like mansions, factories, fungal towers etc. Is size 16 spacing 8 good enough to let overmap specials spawn or should I reduce city size?

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They still spawn no matter what you have it set to, size 8 means that there will be a minimum of 8 spaces between cities (I think???) so you can set it to 1 comfortably.
It should still let overmap specials spawn though, no matter the sizes of cities or spaces

It seems like city size 16 spacing 3/4 is the best. At higher spacing like 8 cities don’t seem to spawn at all.

I’m not sure it works that way, this is from a play through with size 10 cities and size 4 spacing:

Maybe it means 4 spaces between name plates? unless something changed recently anyway or all the mods I’m running is messing something up.