What about raised beds?

I have been creating a base on a cathedral, burned the interior to the ground only to find out that under the original floor there’s more floor. I didn’t find a way to break that floor, tried with a pickaxe and a jackhammer but no luck. I ended up swapping the floor to dirt with debug tools so I’m able to plant inside but it left me wondering the possibility to plant on raised beds.

The new furniture would be craftable anywhere with two by fours, nails and soil and would allow to plant any crop as it was dirt floor.

What do you think?


There is a mod called Growing Pots that might be what you are looking for.

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Well now that soil is an intem in game might make sens to add some recipe for planting pots and raised bed in the main game.


Not quite. Growing Pots adds an item that lets you grow a crop as an item, similar to how the portable kilns work with charcoal. It’s better than being stuck in one place if you want to do any growing, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing a construction project that allows you to terraform tiles into growable dirt. Maybe it’s already in the works, since I hear digging pits produces scads of soil now. Haven’t dug one yet to confirm, myself.

Digging pits now produces rocks, pebbles, clay and lots of soil

Yea but their quite bad