New Japanese mod: Uekibati (Flower Pots for growing crops in vehicles)

Here is a new (to us) Japanese mod that add crop growing flower pots to the game.

You can craft the pots, then get some seeds, water and a pot, and craft them to make them grow. Then when they are done, craft them back into the pot and get the crop.

This lets you grow crops in your vehicle.

I’ll have tiles for it, ninja mod, Nechronica mod, Blazemod, dinomod, animatronics, PK and more in my next Chesthole update. The tiles are all in, I just have to do the incredibly boring part that is plugging them in to tile_config.json.

Delayed transform action. Nice.

YEEEEEEEESSSS! Although not what I had in mind but it’s better than nothing. Now to attempt to do something similar with booze (yes I know the fermenting process shouldn’t be disturbed but I am doing this for myself).

Woot Chesthole update!!! Gyroscopicly stabilized fermenting vats could be a thing right?