Dig a pit in a basement of a house

Hi. I have just started playing a week ago.
I want to make a water well in a basement generated by the game.
To make a well, I have to first dig a pit. But the game says I can’t do that.
Is it possible to dig a pit in the basement?

If memory serves, wells can only be dug in dirt, whereas basements have stone floors usually. If they have actual flooring you might be able to destroy that with a jackhammer or something. Otherwise you might be able to find a wall that has dirt underneath.

Does dirt spawn monsters?

It shouldn’t. Monsters basically don’t spawn on their own.

Trying to build your pot grow garden?

If you use a pick ax on normal basement stone floor you can not dig, however, if the basement has a section of carpeted floor, at least the ones in mansions, and you activate a pick ax on it, it will become a dirt patch. Note if you remove the carpet first via construction menu I found it reveals hardwood floor, that is not dig gable either.

Hmm, if i’ll make carpeted floor myself on a rock tile and destroy it with a pickaxe will i get a dirt patch?

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Thanks for answering my question.
I tried removing an existing red carpet construction.
But I can’t get the red carpet item.
So, how to get red carpet?

In furniture store, I’d venture a guess.

But, If you need it just to dig through it with a pickax, you might as well wish for an item in debug menu.

tried it didn’t work even the mansion wouldn’t cooperate
looks like debug may be the only way

Just knock down a wall underground and it will have dirt where the wall used to be, I made a water pump in a shady basement on my last playthrough.

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Out of curiosity I tried some of these suggestions. My current game I’m playing mostly underground in a network of subways, and it would be nice to put a water well in a couple of places.

Testing on rock floors and concrete floors underground, I wasn’t able to dig a pit using some of these suggestions. It was not possible to lay carpet down, or install much of anything as far as walls / fences except a stone wall. But you can certainly get a pit destroying certain kinds of wall if you have them available (for example in a lab). I tried doing something similar in the surface minus one level of a subway station, but it doesn’t work there.

There are still basements with dirt floor sections you can find though. And a mole rat can transform floor to dirt when destroying stuff, you might be able to use that creatively. 8)

destroying wood wall works just build and break easy
as for laying carpet you can on wood “ceilings” underground but pick won’t take to them neither will jackhammer
overall for underground farms just build wood walls and smash em down
side hint bring down tractors in pieces and weld em back together

Ha, thank you, yes I was able to build the wood wall and demolish it to get a dirt patch.

And subway tunnels are great for drag racing!!

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The carpet thing isn’t possible anymore, an update over the last 3 months changed it, the wall method is the best way now.

I wonder why fixing the carpet error would be more agreeable than fixing the reason why people made use of it; allowing for dirt tiles.

May not have been intentionally “fixed” rather an update to something else changed it, but since it probably wasn’t intended to work like that originally, it being removed wouldn’t be an issue, if they even know about.
Or maybe they saw this post and are just mean little bastards so removed it :slight_smile:

Hey guys i’ve done the wall-remove wall method and i managed to destroy the linoleum tile, however there is a rock tile underneath. How do i turn that rock tile into a dirt one, to then dig a pit in with my shovel?

Thanks in advance.

I can offer my comment from an issue over on github:

Just in case someone comes across this issue and wants to dig a pit or “place” dirt for other reasons (without cheating) in the underground (or above ground) before other methods are integrated into the game:
If you open the construction menu and select “Build Roof Over Dirt Floor”, you can build diggable dirt at a place of your choosing (needs support walls or an existing roof on at least two sides if built above ground).

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@Valase OMG Thank you so much, finally i build my underground well. I could not be happier!

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