Do crops grow undergorund

so i tend not for farming all that much so i have a question after finding a number of underground farms. they they actually grow underground?

No, unlike in Dwarf Fortress you can’t farm underground.

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I want Plumphelmets to gro undergrond

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Did u mean Rotundcasks ?

Are plant definable via jsons ? If so it might be easy to add NotPlumphelmets! to the game

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Add “mutated purple mushrooms” to the game which you can grow underground and eat or brew into drinks, but which make you alcohol dependent even if you just eat them. Could make them spawn in caves along with some easter egg stuff about DF maybe, pickaxe for sure. Maybe a pond with one of those mutated carp in it.

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well some crops could be solar senstive and thus need a dark room to grow

So I was thinking of adding a new furniture made of manure with "examine_action": "dirtmound" and buildable only on tile of type found underground. But I think it would allow to plant anything underground.

There is a piece of commented out code in iexamine::dirtmound that seems to check for ambiant light so maybe it’s possible to re-use that so that you can only plant mushroom in low light, but I don’t really know how to do it :confused:

I have a tendency to forget that farming is even a thing in CDDA. So whenever it is mentioned I always go ‘oh yaaa.’

IIRC there’s a roundabout way to do it if a basement has concrete walls. Smashing them creates a deep pit. You can then use the construction menu to fill in the pit and create a tillable dirt pile from there.