Agriculture in pots?

How does growing plants in pots work? Can you grow em in winter? Can I have wheat growing in my basement with pots?

Sounds like something you can figure out, just to keep the game interesting and have a goal for yourself :slight_smile:

The Growable Pots mod makes use of them, but otherwise they don’t currently serve a purpose, I believe.

Growable Pots lets you “plant” things into pots to grow them without manually planting seeds in soil. In reality, it’s just an item that you craft with seeds that can be activated after a certain period of time, then disassembled to get the pot back with some tasty new plants.

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Do you have to be near the pots or have them on you for them to grow?
And yes, this is in reference to the growable pots mod.

You don’t. Once you activate them, you can cart them around, leave them places, or whatever else you want to do with them. They just take four weeks to mature, regardless of the conditions of the environment or anything else.

Also, the mod is named Garden Pots in newer versions, since I cleaned up the code for it.