What about making it so you can farm mutated poppies?

I think I could make it happen, I just would like some input.

Should seeds be hard to craft? Personally I don’t think so
But it could be made harder for balance reasons. (it would give the PC a renewable source of Pain Meds and cough syrup, not to mention it would make crafting medical mutagen a LOT less time consuming)

I could make the recipe require a chemical wash (maybe a proper chemistry setup) and/or a high cooking skill.

What sort of yield per plant would be acceptable?

I’m just looking for input before I start coding anything.

One seed per flower perhaps? That way you’ll never end up with more than you gathered up to start and won’t get exponentially expanding painkiller farms.

I’d say it’s totally fine for painkillers to be farmable this way. At the point you get first farm drops, you should already have codein and oxycontin drops, with heroin and morphine as backup.

If you want to make the farming limited and non exponential, you could make farmed ones not drop seeds. The rationale could be sci-fi handwaving (“they are connected to blob, that’s why they are used in med mutagen”) or them taking much longer to mature than to become harvestable for mutant opium.