Mutated Poppy Weirdness

It occurs to me how weird this is.

Is this the result of blob mutation? If so, why? No other plants appear to be.

Is this part of a different group, like the triffids perhaps? There’s currently no evidence of this.

Is this a holdover of something before proper plant growing? Why not just use poppies and turn that into opioids? If we have cannabis and meth production, why not proper opioids?

What’s the deal exactly? Seems weird. No other plants growing wild appear to be “mutated” and many are able to be grown on their own.

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I have some local changes, which include a fix for above feature request, which I will file a PR for soon-ish. My solution to this would make the normal poppy yield less potent poppy buds. I have no ideas about chemicals, so I would just replace most mutated poppies with the non-mutated counterpart.

Awesome! I was gonna suggest, if not making the poppies a growable crop, then making the mutated poppy 100% a product of the triffids.

In the book triffids are harvested for their oils, so giving some of them high yield opioids wouldn’t be so far off. Could easily be a product made from the poison gland with some degree of chemistry skill.

Your solution is better though.

As a small change I think you should go the other way- the normal poppy yields many buds (like other crops) to signify you planting several, but A LOT are required to turn them into proper heroine. Think roses and perfume or something. I think you may need several, but balance may be necessary.