Whaleys City Entertainment Building Pack

Get out of that dank, dark safehouse and hit the town. Several new attractions are coming to a city near you! Check out one of the new Music Venues and play music for whoever is inside, (Bad idea !!FUN!!) go see a movie at the movie theater or maybe just go shoot things with paintballs at one of the paintball fields.

Adds -
Movie Theater - (1 Variant, 3x3 Map Tiles)
Music Venue - (2 Variants)
Smoking Lounge - (2 Variants)
Paintball Field - (2 Variants + Paintball Gun + Paintballs)
Gambling Hall - (2 Variants)
And a Military Surplus Store variant tossed in for fun.

Download Link Below-

Just drop the extracted folder into your Cataclysm/Data/Mods folder.