Whaleys Arts and Crafts Mod

Got some downtime, and you’re feelin’ crafty? Rediscover the lost art of whittling and create some lil’ figurines. They’re not very useful, but you can trade them for a small amount. Also, you can craft several new pipes to smoke in style. All crafting recipes are found in the OTHER crafting section, and the OTHER subsection of that.

Additions -
Figurines - 16 Variants, some examples - Zombie, Dog, Heart, Demon
Pipes - 13 Variants, including a necklace with a small pipe attached.

(Only tested with MShock32Xottoplus tileset, but for those that use it, I used , and . for pipes and trinket icons, making them look pretty decent with no sprite.)

Download Link Below -
(Just unzip and drop into your Cataclysm/mods folder)

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this is awesome! I’ll try it whenever I can! might need to make some tiles for myself, hehe