Wertys CDDA Mod V1.3 - The home improvement update

Theres two or three in my town IRL :stuck_out_tongue: all way too close together

Werty, wherefore arth thou?

Still here! I’m just trying to figure out some cool things to add(Going by the poll I’ll be adding a lot of buildings), though most of my stuff I make a PR for now to be in the main branch


Hi, first I just want to say that I like your additions to the game!

But I have been a tiny bit annoyed by all the new additions to the construction menu (“Paint [horizontal/vertical] wall [red/blue/green]” etc).
So I have been trying to figure out a way to do it simpler/cleaner.

I’m currently not very familiar with CDDA’s code, but I’ve looked around and I think it should be possible (and relatively easy) to do something like the following (for now I’ll concentrate on the wall painting part) :

  • In the json files, have only 2 options: “Paint horizontal wall” and “Paint vertical wall” (it might also be possible to combine them into just “Paint wall”).
  • For each entry, have each paint as an optional component, so that in the menu you get that you need “Red paint OR Yellow paint OR Blue paint” etc. (The “Start vehicle construction” entry uses this approach.) This eliminates having one entry for each color - instead the player can choose from the colors they have available.
  • Now, instead of having different terrain types for each color (i.e. “t_wall_v_w”, “t_wall_v_r” etc.) you could have a post_special function which just sets the color of the wall to the chosen paint color, and voila, the wall should show up in the color you’ve chosen to paint it! One might also add a flag to indicate that the wall has been painted, so that when you e(x)amine the wall it could show “wall (red)”, but that’s not very important I guess.

I haven’t looked deeply into it, but a quick look makes me think this could be done relatively easily. But maybe you’ve already considered it and decided against it?

The only problem I see is that this will probably not play well with tiles, since as far as I can tell tiles are directly related to the terrain id, and therefore currently needs a separate wall tile for each color, right? One solution could be to make tiles aware of the color attribute, and apply a color overlay to walls flagged as painted, but that might be a lot of work and maybe not a good solution? - I haven’t looked at the tiles code.

If this is a good idea I could give it a shot.

Sounds like a good idea I’ll try it and see if it works!

Bumping this because I really do fancy this mod.

I really enjoy this mod, only i ran across an issue, i went into the home improvement store with tiles on and it strangely leaves a print of my characters body as i pass through the store… there’s a few spots i can stand in that don’t do this but for the most part it does not work. Is this simply incompatible with tiles? If so would removing the buildings from the wertymod folder work or would that return some errors, i’m really not great with these things and don’t intent to break the mod or game, I enjoy this mod for the professions… and probably a few other things i didn’t realize were from the mod…

New update soon! will include lots of new buildings

Tiles don’t really work with this mod.

Tiles don’t really work with this mod.[/quote]
Yeah figured that one out, which is why i chose to go with ascii to play with it but many times with ascii my brain just doesn’t pick up on visuals like it does with the tiles, I know most rl gamers will hop on my back for that but oh well, what works for some doesn’t work for all.

A new update should be up in a day or 2. It will mainly include new building and a few new items to go in the buildings


I want to add a few more buildings before I release the update anyone have any ideas on buildings?

I don’t know english names of this stores so…i’ll write it down in a more intuitive way.

Bike and Motorbyce store.
Car Store

Steelworks (and other type of factory)

Those are some good ideas!

[quote=“Flame, post:55, topic:5143”]Bike and Motorbyce store.
Car Store[/quote]

Just write down “Car dealership” or something.

Trailer park, parking hall, ammo factory, chemistry lab, a pub.
(Wow, I fell asleep before I posted…


Werty’s been doing some fixes. Gonna merge one shortly, I imagine.