Content Pack - Houses +

UPDATED September 13 2021

Fixed a few item references that were causing issues during startup in CDDA. Should be error free now!

UPDATED - August 06 2021

I’ve removed the items I added that were meant to “port” over items from CDDA to BN. I was pretty sloppy in that respect, and errors were identified on both sides of that equation. If you’re playing BN, there’s probably no need to download the new “0.02a” version, but I highly recommend you do so if you’re playing with CDDA, as this should (hopefully) fix the constant wallet-pocket errors.

UPDATED - August 01 2021

Here’s v.02 of the content pack, made to be playable in both CDDA and BN (and hopefully any other similar forks). The first batch of stuff was from last year, but after finally posting v.01 I shook off the dust and decided to get back into it. This is all new content made in the last month and a half. I’m a little behind in posting this, actually, since I went on some unexpected detours and took way longer on the bar and restaurant revamp than I anticipated.

v 0.02 (2021.07.30) houses+forest+hospitality+apartments

  • added a new house; 41 Total
  • added a new liquor store with looted variant
  • added a new derelict cabin layout with a few variants for weirdness’ sake
  • the forest is a little weirder now
  • new bar and restaurant palette; 1 new two-storey bar and grill layout
  • new restaurant and bar-centric items: new types of alcohol, big tubs of condiments, glassware, commercial laundry bag, as well as menus and receipts for, ahem flavor
  • added a new generic building palette to be used in conjunction with new apartment and commercial structures palettes. This is going to speed up adding new types of apartment buildings, stores and other commercial buildings a lot.
  • added rudimentary generic encounters to add variety to various building layouts.
  • added some content-pack versions of items found in CDDA for use with BN, with the hope of integrating some of these items into BN permanently at a later date
  • new items like yoga mats and autographed photos for home display cases and for restaurants, complete with random written messages to spice things up


Glad to have this content uploaded, and I’m excited to move on and focus on my next project, which is going to be by far the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted in terms of map design. If I can
come up with something I’m reasonably happy with it should be of interest to the community, even if only as a proof of concept.

v 0.01 (2020.08.03) houses+

After taking a long break to play other games, I recently decided to revisit Cata to see how things had changed and found myself getting back into it. I’m excited to see the progress on CDDA and also that there is another viable fork in CBN!

Before I quit playing (and even for a while after) I created houses with the idea of submitting them to mainline, or at the very least making them available as a mod or something, to add to the variety in-game. I made 40+ houses and had even gotten as far as making a github page for a content pack and then my interest took a nose-dive.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time making these, so I thought I’d put it out there for anyone interested to download. I’d like to keep it available and compatible for both CDDA and CBN and for any other forks. I’ve been playing CBN lately, and haven’t come across any issues; I tried it on a CDDA build from a few weeks ago, and all seems well.

I had a lot of fun replaying the game with these added these past few weeks, so I hope somebody else gets some enjoyment out of them too.

Currently, this content pack contains 40 additional houses. I’ve started making new locations again, so I will likely update the github when I have enough done to warrant it.

There are installation instructions included in a readme file for those who either want to run it as an activated mod during world creation or for those who just want to add it to their in-progress games. The downside being that anytime you update the game, you need to re-add the content pack.


please make a pull request

please make a pull request²

please make a pull request³

please make a pull request

Please make a pull request.

Please make add to game plz thank you . . . pull request

I have no plans to submit these at the moment, but it’ll likely happen down the road.

the longer you wait, the more stuff builds up, the larger the pr, the more likely we are to tell you to cut it down to size for reviewers to be able to review it in chunks.

What license are you posting this under? Do you object to someone else adding these for you?

Sorry, missed this last post. At the moment, I’m going to keep everything together and keep adding things. I’d like to add this content to mainline myself when I decide to focus on that. I’d likely start by submitting some of the items I’ve added and go from there.

I tried this out and while I do enjoy the variety, it currently creates a lot of errors at load. A lot. It appears to be trying to stuff every single item that can fit in a wallet into multiple wallets and complaining about undersized containers when they overflow. It’s easy enough to hit ignore, but…

Edit: I really wanted those new house minus all the errors, so… Ok, first off, be sure to delete the wallet.json file in ‘Items-cdda to bn’ folder in ‘_system files/items’ folder if you aren’t playing bn. I know it breaks wallets, the vanilla wallet_full group doesn’t work with wallet.json installed.
As for the rest of the files in that folder…I dunno.

And for the lsm_wallet_full group…I think it was only giving errors because of the above. But I fixed it to discard at random by using the example on GitHub. I don’t think it will actually ever use the on overflow option, but figuring out how to do it was fun. I’ll be using that later for sure.

    "id": "lsm_wallet_full",
    "type": "item_group",
    "subtype": "collection",
    "container-item": "wallet",
    "on_overflow": "discard",
    "items": [
      { "item": "cash_card", "prob": 100, "charges-min": 0, "charges-max": 50000 },
      { "item": "lsm_money_ten", "prob": 100, "count": [ 5, 10 ] },
      { "item": "lsm_coin_quarter", "prob": 10, "count": [ 1, 2 ] },
      { "item": "lsm_coin_nickel", "prob": 10, "count": [ 1, 2 ] },
      { "group": "discount_cards", "prob": 40, "count": [ 1, 3 ] },
      { "item": "condom", "prob": 1 },
      [ "scorecard", 20 ]

P.p.s is the chance of some dude in new England havinga condom on hand really that low?

Edit whatever: what is up with that currency? Why not use vanilla currency if this is supposed to merge with vanilla? Your wallet.json remakes the wallet without pockets, which is cool for bn’, but the item groups break without currency.json, so your cdda to bn’ folder is misleading at best. I got it working on my end, but looking at it makes me think I’m going to have two otherwise identical currencies that don’t stack. Not that I’m upset, but it does seem unnecessary.

Yep…why? How much of this items folder is vanilla data with ”lsm” appended to it?

First of all, thanks for the report. For some reason these errors didn’t throw for me when I checked before submitting, although I admit my version of CDDA was throwing a couple different errors which had nothing to do with my content, so it seems I missed them, which was sloppy of me. When I tried it again, I obviously got the same ones you did. I’ve removed all of the items that I didn’t create, in other words the “CDDA to BN” folder items (wallet, food items, hot sauce and currency), and uploaded a new version, named 0.02a.

This is my first attempt at making items, and trying to make items that will work reasonably well in both CDDA and BN, which is a balancing act. As you pointed out, the wallet I added is garbage for CDDA, though it works fine in BN. Also, I didn’t do my research enough for the other items in that folder, ie - the food items, and so I’ve removed those as well. This was my attempt at finding a middle way between both games, but obviously this approach didn’t work very well. In the future, unless I can reasonably “copy-from” to bridge the gap, I’m not going to go this route again. Unfortunately, my experiments with that were unsuccessful when it came to containers, which was pretty naive of me considering it’s a complicated system. Actually, ditto for the food items for BN.

Also, as you pointed out, simply adding the “lsm_” to the currency items had the unintentional effect of creating items that won’t stack. There is no vanilla currency in BN, and again I was trying to find a middle way, and currency is a flavor item. The only drawback is the not stacking. While it’s not “necessary” to have it, I like the idea of having it in the game for the same reason as it was added in the first place.

I have a question though: what do you mean by “misleading at best”? What’s the worst interpretation?

So, which version i should use with 0.F stable?

Just use the link in the original post, it goes to the fixed version (0.02a). I’ve removed the files that were causing the errors, so this should be stable in any version of the game.

I dunno, active sabotage? I was trying to get across that the folder name implied something that the contents didn’t deliver on. As for the currency… Is there ANY use to it aside from fluff on maybe starting quick burning fires to jumpstart a craft of construction (assuming nobody has fixed that exploit). There’s just so much of it…
I almost never unload currency from wallets. Even for the fire thing, paper is more convenient. If it wasn’t such a prevalent item it’d be okay for flavor, but to much of any one seasoning will wreck the soup…

I really like the houses, have you thought about adding some quests? Unique quest destinations are fun and you could totally pull off a dungeon run.