Content Pack - Houses +

After taking a long break to play other games, I recently decided to revisit Cata to see how things had changed and found myself getting back into it. I’m excited to see the progress on CDDA and also that there is another viable fork in CBN!

Before I quit playing (and even for a while after) I created houses with the idea of submitting them to mainline, or at the very least making them available as a mod or something, to add to the variety in-game. I made 40+ houses and had even gotten as far as making a github page for a content pack and then my interest took a nose-dive.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time making these, so I thought I’d put it out there for anyone interested to download. I’d like to keep it available and compatible for both CDDA and CBN and for any other forks. I’ve been playing CBN lately, and haven’t come across any issues; I tried it on a CDDA build from a few weeks ago, and all seems well.

I had a lot of fun replaying the game with these added these past few weeks, so I hope somebody else gets some enjoyment out of them too.

Currently, this content pack contains 40 additional houses. I’ve started making new locations again, so I will likely update the github when I have enough done to warrant it.

There are installation instructions included in a readme file for those who either want to run it as an activated mod during world creation or for those who just want to add it to their in-progress games. The downside being that anytime you update the game, you need to re-add the content pack.



please make a pull request

please make a pull request²

please make a pull request³

please make a pull request

Please make a pull request.

Please make add to game plz thank you . . . pull request

I have no plans to submit these at the moment, but it’ll likely happen down the road.

the longer you wait, the more stuff builds up, the larger the pr, the more likely we are to tell you to cut it down to size for reviewers to be able to review it in chunks.

What license are you posting this under? Do you object to someone else adding these for you?