[Currently not being worked on] Adds more tools



3 new saws

  1. Handsaw
  2. Bowsaw (cutting trees)
  3. Reciprocating saw (power saw)

new hammer

  1. claw hammer (fluff)

3 new prybar

  1. small prybar (like a screwdriver but can pry open crates Q of 1)
  2. prybar ( 7" prybar has a pry Q of 2)
  3. large prybar (18" with a Q of 3)


  • add more hammers
  • add other tools

From what I see you are going to be adding more tools mostly for fluff. We already have two hammers. Will the new tools have different crafting qualities? Then you’ll need to rewrite a lot of json to make them useful.

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Yo. Check this out. Something similar I’ve been working on recently.


yeah but first adding the tools then work on more, there a few things i think the game lacks, but yeah alot of fluff, untill i make them usable in diffrent usages with building and crafting ect

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I like the sound of this, different but yeah looking forward to this being further developed, I’m adding this to my compilation keep up the good work!

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I think this idea should definitely be pursued more. Also guys, don’t forget, the game takes place in the (near) future so you can make all sorts of crazy craftable portable high-tech tools as well.

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Not really. CDDA has modern day technology for the most part. Only exception is in labs and army bases which have the near future gear.

is there a point on the X quality?(like hammering 2, or sawing 2, etc) other that requirement for recipes/crafting? if yes, the it would be a good idea to make some tools better that its counterparts, or even make future-like kits (like a portable smithing, that has anvil,hammering a furnace, etc.). Other than than, i appreciate the fluff, since it would mean a bigger spawn chance for certain items, like saws.


Cyborgs and bionics exist in this game-world and you can find power armor as a rare basement drop. There’s a mod that even makes it a civilian spawn/drop. Yes, it’s very much like modern day technology but crazy future tech does exist in this universe and not hidden away, like eyebots. It would make sense that there would be crazy high-tech tools out there too.

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Idk about everyone else, but I think it’d be awesome to see more fluff added. Just various hammers, tools, and general objects to make the world fell more “real”.

Some people like more content, even if some things do roughly or exactly the same thing. Some people might not like it, but that is what things like the Generic Guns Mod are for.

once I have got round to doing more fluff, there lacking in content and I think there should be more tools variety
@Jackie_Tearie that’s my intention
@Medi_Ding hopefully a few extra tools won’t be too much, I don’t intend to add every tool I mentioned, i do think the different tool types with allow the game to feel more real.
I going to finish off more windows before working on this part 1 of my reconstruct will only be tools added part 2 will be changing upon the construction in-game. but I think this will stay a mod for awhile

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I’ve seen games in the past start out with lots of duplicate items, and eventually they realize that they are using a lot of memory for them and end up doing a cleanup to remove redundant stuff. So it may not be a great idea to add 15 different types of “hammer” that all do the same thing and only add memory usage.

And don’t you dare make it so I have to carry around 15 different types of hammer because I need one type for building cabinets, a different one for disassembling cabinets, a different one for building a wood door, a different one for building a wood frame, a different one for building a wood hull, etc.

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no im not adding all 15 im only going to add a few that might have uses for something else, as well for the saws.

PMSL no that would be the wrose thing that could happen, no i wont do that, however for diffrent constructs might need another hammer like for flat roofing for example, but building a cabinet you could do with any hammer, dissasembleing anything you would need a claw hammer for the nails and/or a pry bar

on second thoughts i may add hammer or 2, saws id like to add a couple hand saws and 1 or 2 that need power, maybe other industrial stuff that you can drag around.

i will make a list of what id like to see later once ive got around to fixing more windows

Ok, you just seemed very enthusiastic, which is a great thing, but it can also be dangerous at times. :slight_smile:

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yeah, but I get you less is more, in this case, I just want there to be a few more types of tools to give it more fluff and so the game feels more realistic in that sense but id rather add something that could be used. ill see how it goes, I’m going to make a start on this tomorrow.

Sewing machines! Sewing machines!

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yeah thats something i think is a must for this, i wouldnt of thought about that thank you! and my mum has had a few haha.

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Wth. I totally thought the sewing machine mod was included in your compendium! I don’t know where I found this mod, but someone made a sewing machine mod back in 2017. It totally works, but it could probably use some changes since it’s so old.


I’m gonna have to go through all my cdda mods I probably have some more that aren’t included in your pack and just assumed they were in the obsolete batch etc.

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thank you! this should actually be vanilla content i think i might merge this into my more tools mod
edit: no i wont lol
if you want to send me all your mods ill go through them all :), once im finished with this part 1 of my small changes, ill sort of the mod pack it needs some attention