Wertys CDDA Mod V1.3 - The home improvement update

Right now it’s a rareish spawn in a town. I couldn’t fin a way to make it spawn any where else but I would like to spawn out in the wilderness like the cabins

[quote=“KA101, post:17, topic:5143”]Needs more green paint. Purple (magenta, wev) too. :wink:

(Though, come to think of it, we really need a way to define alt-colors for colorblind folks. :-/ )[/quote]
More colors in the next update!

Y u no more makeshift weapon mods that I suggested? They are all realistic :confused:

You can already make all of them, well those who make sense for your survivor to make.

I’m working on a couple to be in the next update. But some of the ones you suggested are already in the game

I had a brainwave - why don’t you put it on Git and propose it be merged into master?

Sounds like a good idea as soon as I get a chance I’ll set up a git for it .

another update!

V1.3 - The home improvement update

  • made paint more common
  • can carpet floors
  • remove carpet from floors
  • reduced paint brush weight
  • made survivor base more rare
  • made paint rarer to find in the hardware store
  • mix some paints together


  • home imporvement store


  • rack


  • carpet layer


  • dahlias
  • bluebells


  • green paint
  • purple paint
  • yellow paint
  • red carpet
  • green carpet
  • yellow carpet
  • purple carpet

Great, I need to grab it sometime…

Holy cheese…

I like dis. Keep it up!


What I see here would be great to have in the main branch. You should totally git with Git and PR this stuff!

I have a git! I just need to set up everything so I can make PRs but I’ll will defiantly make a PR today!

No pls.

I made a PR!

Werty, please put periods at the end of your sentences. The descriptions for items in game are making me itch.

HaHa! I am not the only one that’s bothered by that!

This is scheduled for mega-merge (along with the boxing and the brewing) tonight so if need be I’ll run a grammar-check.

Looking forward to it. /paints the gym green and the brewery purple :stuck_out_tongue:

Great mod, only issues I have is the descriptions, and the world I genned had 3 Home Improvement Stores in one town.

yea I’m not the best at writing descriptions and for the home improvement store I’ve made a PR for it to be in the main branch along with the painting and carpeting so I’ll do some more tweaking to how often in spawns and fix it in the PR.