Bit of help locating color files

Hello! I am new to CDDA and have encountered problems with some mods, so I’m trying to fix them!


Does anybody know how I may be able to find the files to fix these errors?

You are using an out of date mod that uses the old color scheme. You need to check the mods you are using and replace c_grey with color_grey.

How do I change c_grey to color_grey? And is it grey or gray?

I have fixed the problem. Thanks @mlangsdorf !

It is actually light_gray or dark_gray.

yeah figured that bit by myself, but either way I still can’t get the mod to change the gun skin/tile because I have no prior experience.

I’ll continue trying to fix the mod, but I doubt I’ll get far considering the original authors left a lot of unfinished work in their coding (multiple ToDo’s in their .json files), but hey, maybe I’ll be able to pump out an enjoyable out of date mod. Name of the mod is “Artyom’s Gun Emporium - Reloaded” that seems to have been dropped in 2018, I think?