Well, I need to get a HOSTILE Tank Drone to run out of 120mm HEAT Rounds. Any suggestions?

Doing Gods of the Cataclysm, and I need to get a Hostile Tank Drone to fire all forty 120mm HEAT rounds. Without dying, of course.

And since collecting innumerable Granades to get the several thousand HP needed to survive such an explosion is clearly not an option, I’m currently lost for methods on how operate here. Vehicles work great at getting the damn thing to fire its shells, but don’t do jack about protecting you. I feel a similar issue will occur if I try to give myself to Huge mutation, and even then I wouldn’t be able to drive home in that condition…

Horde of zombies? Stand behind reinforced glass? Place turrets as fodder?

Sadly, Tank Drones only seem to fire those 120mm HEAT rounds at Huge sized targets like Megabears and Jabberwocks (and vehicles). Having the Huge Mutation also works, but I’ve stated the problem with that.

If I could get them to fire it otherwise, I’d be willing to chance dodging a massive explosion 40 times…

Sacrificial remote controlled vehicles?

Get a bunch of shopping carts, replace the wire baskets with seats and put NPCs on them. Put a small pushing ram on your car and push the cart out into view of the tank.
Perhaps layers and layers of reinforced windshield?
Use a mirror to let it see you around a thick wall of armored heavy duty quarterpanels.
Wear multiple heavy survivor suits? Or heavy power armor.

If you don’t mind exploiting glitches, you could make a long L shaped vehicle with a camera on one end and a seat with camera view on the other. Sit on the seat and it will see you through the camera and should shoot at you. Put the L around a building (preferably reinforced) and it should try to fire at you through the building. Could also apply the indestructible car glitch with some windshields.

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Heavy Power Armor doesn’t do jack. I know because I tried.

My current plan of attack is to construct a makeshift…well Tank to combat this Tank Drone.

Right, right. Try constructing a huge vehicle with all the critical organs at the back, or simply reverse some sort of a bus at it. Don’t really know how much abuse simple frames can take, but in a few runs you’re gonna make it.

Another point here is if it can actually damage you if you are in the middle of a lake/river. I’ve never even met a Tank Drone, so does anyone know?

I killed my last tank drone by running about madly until I got a police car inbetween me and it, and it drove up next to the car, firing shells that then hit the car, and between the shells and the police car’s explosion, it blew itself up real good.
That is not my recommended way to do that, by the way. But it’s EXCITING!

Well, I found out that Tank Drone Shells have the same “Insta-death” property land-mines do. I’m not sure if it’s still possible to do this anymore, because a single shot will kill you unless you’re lucky and it takes out a chunk of your vehicle, and that’s something you can’t really make a Tank Drone do…

Well, it turns out Tank Drones consider Power Armor to be equivalent to the “Huge” mutation. This is totally exploitable. I managed to get as high as 9 shells before I got killed; the key is that the shells don’t hit you, they just get fired at you.

The Active Defensive System really helps, by the way…

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