Welding mask still broken?

In my playthrough, I’m finally up to the stage where I feel confident enough to modify vehicles - grabbed my welding mask and my acetylene torch, ran on over to my salvaged humvee and started tinkering.

Only trouble is, when I’m wearing my welding mask, I don’t have to vision in order to weld - despite it having the ‘glare protection’ of 2 required for welding, it renders me completely blind, and ‘it’s too dark to do this!’, it tells me as I try and install my steel frame. I raise my visor so I can see, and the glare protection of the welding mask is nullified - so I can’t attempt installation with the visor up either. Confused, I google what’s up and the only thing of relevance leads me to a bug report from three months or so ago in which someone came across the same issue. Is there anyway I can modify my save’s files to fix this myself? Would removing the [blind] tag from the welding masks json work well enough?

Write the following in a .json file in a mod folder of your choice:

{"id": "welding_mask"
,"type": "ARMOR"
,"copy-from": "welding_mask"
	,"name": { "str": "welding mask" }

I’m the person who originally posted that bug report. =)

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Woahh, thanks, wasn’t expecting a reply so fast! Wouldn’t have known where to start myself – cheers for the hand!

It should, yes.

You could also just have the mask in your inventory or nearby (with the visor down) and it should work too, as far as I can tell.

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Was literally a copy-paste job from the file I already made, so no biggie. :wink:

One other person also mentioned on that bug thread – and was correct – that you can also have a welding mask carried loose in your inventory and simply not worn. Which is a bit silly, but it works. =)

[edit] Ninja’ed by a couple seconds. Not changing it. :wink:

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Thank you to you both - a quick n’ generic question about how mod .jsons work - if I name the .json anything and place it in a mod folder, does it work out where the edit should go? Or do I have to name the .json file the same name as the file it is modding/editing, and place it in a folder directory of the same folder structure to be replaced? That’s really long-winded, so I hope I got the point across…

.json files are folder agnostic, as long as the mod folder itself appears in your /Cataclysm/mods folder and has a modinfo.json to go along with it (so the game can read the folder).

"type": "MOD_INFO",
"ident": "uniquemodidhere",
	"name": "Unique Mod Name Here",
	"authors": [ "Username" ],
	"description": "My description.",
	"category": "vehicles",
	"dependencies": [ "dda" ]

[edit] The modinfo.json goes inside the /Cataclysm/mods/yourmod folder, not below it in the /Cataclysm/mods folder, as well. You might even be able to call it any other filename like SuperDuperMod.json, as long as the game can successfully read the file to pull the “MOD_INFO” object from the file. I could be mistaken on that one, though, and calling it “modinfo.json” is definitely the convention that should be followed.


To answer your question more directly, you can override any file with another object with the same type, as long as it appears later in your load order – the welding_mask item in the second post copies from the object that has already been loaded by vanilla, and then changes one of the values (and sets the name without changes because otherwise the parser complains).

Any actual mod is automatically loaded after the base game data, and the load order is then dependent on the order you’ve selected when adding the mods to the startup screen.

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Excellent - managed to getting it working, weldin’ is-a-go! Thank you so much for your help!

[edit] And thank you for your detailed explanation, and taking the time to explain it to me - that all makes much more sense now.