[Bug?] You can use Basic Power Armor Helmet without wearing it

So, for some time I’ve been looking for a Glare Protection 2 item. When all of a sudden I notice that when I’m working in some locations apparently I have a Glare Protection 2 item. Even though I’ve no idea what. So I hunt around and find it’s the Basic Power Armor Helmet I picked up some time back. There’s only one problem.

I’m not supposed to be able to wear it. If I try I get the message “You can only wear power armor components with power armor.”

Now this is super convenient for my game, but is probably a bug. So take your time fixing it. :wink:

ughh no, can wear them separately without power armor. theyre awesome with the armor and the power frame or something that works like a storage.

edit: i read that wrong, my bad or probably use it as a welding helmet like irl where a welder can just hold the welding helmet without wearing it and just covers the eye/face while welding something . i see it most of the time in my location.

Eh, the problem with that is that there is a back half to the helment, unlike many welding helmets.

It would require a pretty significant rewrite in tool use code for this one niche thing. If you want to justify it then assume you can’t actually wear it in combat without the bracing of the armor, but when you’re sitting down to weld you can just wear it over your head and look through the visor, since you only need that to protect you from the glare.

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i dont think its a bug, if it was a bug then you would need to make the welding googles (and any other item) to be checked if they are being worn for the effect (in this case glare protection) being applied for crafting purposes