[solved, don't read] Welding goggles

Would someone be kind and add a way to get acces to some Welding goggles whith the crafting system ?
Like, i can’t make a metal tank and need to scavenge cars to make charcoal, or make some part of vehicule. No luck at looting. At all.

The recipe to produce them has been in the game for a while now.

Raise tailoring skill to four.

Collect duct tape or medical tape, a spray can, and some safety glasses/swim goggles/ski goggles/sunglasses.

Now craft yourself some welding goggles.

thx for your fast reply.

i’m using 0.9-842-gb5z9s08, tailloring at lvl 8 and yet if i do a research with “go” or “we” in the crating menu i can’t find them.
Maybe i should re download, meh.

Re downloaded. Found them. Sorry for the post, sound like i’v mess up somewhere.