Stupid question?

I’ve been playing the game for a bit, yet some mechanics are… still strange to me, I’ve been trying to add a heavy-duty frame to a security van. I’m at full power, I have metabolic interchange on, no other power draining devices activated yet it won’t let me do it even though all the requirements are green. Is there something im missing, i think i have forgotten something.

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Do you have some sort of eye protection? E.G. welding goggles/mask or the appropriate CBM (forget what that one is called)?

You can’t weld anything without something that blocks the glare

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If you’re too sad or if it’s too dark you also can’t install anything in/on a vehicle.

Is the menu option greyed out?
If not and you’re try to install the frame, is there any message that appears in the window on the right side (written in red)?

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I have eye protection (welding goggles), the thing is, it says i can install a frame (steel frame), but i can’t install a heavy duty frame? I have the part.

I’m not sure what you mean by “it says”, as this can have multiple meanings.
Could you maybe provide a screenshot for better understanding / to clear things up a bit?

it says, as in when it hit i to install, the option to install a steel frame is there, but not the heavy duty frame. From what i can tell, they both require the same tools, correct?

The “normal” frame requires a lower mechanics skill, only half as much charges of a welder and much less strength.

So, as long as your character has not more than (or equal to) 10 strength, it will require a tool with at least lifting 1.
And it needs a mechanics skill of at least 3.

Also, the heavy duty frame needs a heavy duty frame, while the frame needs a steel frame, but I’m probably safe to assume that you know that…

Do you know exactly how many charges the heavy duty frame takes to install?

40 with an acetylene torch,
200 with an arc welder,
300 with the integrated toolset and the makeshift arc welder.

That was the problem, i only have 250 bionic power for my integrated toolset