Glare protection (and other tool requirements) from what?

Would it be possible to print out exactly what it is that fulfills a requirement in a recipe?
I am wearing sunglasses but I can weld stuff to my stationary solar rig, but only when standing on specific tiles.
The glare protection 2 requirement is sometimes satisfied, sometimes not, and I have absolutely no clue what causes it.
So what is causing it to work sometimes, and sometimes not? Something in my vicinity obviously, but what? I don’t have any welding goggles in my vicinity.
It may be a bug, but nevertheless it would be nice to know exactly what piece of equipment is referenced for each satisfied condition.

you have probably welding googles/pba mask whcih have glare protection of 2 avaible in vicinity whcih activates when you stand on tiles close to it.

Aahh I had a PBA mask laying around.
I’m playing with item spawn 0.2 so I’m basically looting EVERYTHING and ditching it in my house. I didn’t know the mask had glare protection. Thanks!
Now, if the recipe would have shown that it was a mask it would have made it a bit easier :wink:
Thanks again.

The “From what?” question:

Usually the Sun. Earths star that is that big glowy thingy in the sky and blinds you unless cloudy =D
(hope this helps) :wink: