Im thinking we should add magazines into the game, which you would have to reload after firing them dry, Guns that use magazines should spawn with one in the magazines well, and you can procure more so you could fire unimpeded. I don’t think running around with 100+ loose rounds is very realistic. The damage to all guns would have to be increased to make up for the time spent reloading the magazines.

Problem with that would be a recoding of how the thing works, since weapon ammo capacity would/should be determined by the magazine used, with some magazines being interchangable (like Val’s 20 round and Vintorez’s 10 round mags).
Besides, how many computer games actually both with this concept? :rolleyes:

roblem with that would be a recoding of how the thing works, since weapon ammo capacity would/should be determined by the magazine used, with some magazines being interchangable (like Val's 20 round and Vintorez's 10 round mags). Besides, how many computer games actually both with this concept? :rolleyes:
This is cdda anything is possible lol

Insurgency actually only tells you how many mags you have on hand, never telling you how many are in them, like you have 5 mags and when you reload its a new mag but it also could be your last one you swapped out earlier with only 2 bullets.
It would be a hell of a lot of work to rework the whole gun system, but it is more in-depth and realistic. Plus instead of just saying a gun can carry more bullets in a mag with some modification, you can apply that directly to your mags, then you can have a few of of each the high cap and normal.

What do other games have to do with this? Cata does A LOT of things that other games don’t. That’s why we love it. Anyway, look at Unturned. The game itself is bad (there is no othher way to put it, I think), but the reloading/magazine things, damn, they got that.
I agree, magazines should be implemented, and also craftable with mid-high fabrication (5-6-7-8) and medium marksmanship (4). I can already see myself shooting through all the rounds of my glock 19, taking out the mag, filling it bullet by bullet behind cover hoping I’m faster than those zombies, and then reloading my gun. And cursing myself because I forgot to bring my extra mag. Also, it would be very realistic and useful having different magazines. You could trasform your M4A1 in an ad-hoc light machine gun with a 90 rounds drum magazine. Also, with, let’s say, 10 duct tape, you could craft this.

With advanced markmanship and dexterity, reloading a gun is a lot faster if you have more than one pre-loaded magazines.

This would of course not affect revolvers, the Milkor, guns with only 1 round capacity, or manually fed rifles and shotguns.
But what about belt-fed LMGs? And miniguns? I know there is at least one in-game.

That double mag… is there a way for one item to have 2 modes with their own amount of bullets? my thought is the “a” on this could turn it around to have each side exposed to you, being able to fill each side individually, then the same would apply for your gun, just activate the mag to flip it and reload.

maybe something like:
Double Mag (12) (3)

then you turn it around and it becomes:
Double Mag (3) (12)

and the first number is the one accessable

mags taped together like that should degrade weapons faster, the springs and such aren’t meant to hold that much weight so it wears out components quicker.

This idea has been suggested before. Main impediments to it are the complexities of coding and using the nesting “ammo in magazine in gun” concept, and whether the realism introduced would enhance gameplay or detract from it.

Personally I think this would be better off being optional in some way. Depends on how annoying it will be when implemented, after all. XP

I’m planning on implementing this eventually, as it also clears up several internal issues nicely and I do prefer the level of realism of handling magazines correctly.
On the other hand since it’s fairly involved, I’ve already put off doing it for over a year, so don’t hold your breath.

True. And it isn’t that big an annoyance, just a change in the way the player has to treat guns. So long as guns spawn with at least one of their required magazines, or otherwise ensure you won’t be screwed over by the change, it should work fine.

Integral magazines, cylinders, various weapons with magazine interchangeability except will also mitigate this.

And just a reminder on that, in case you forget it again, the BLR uses detachable mages. XP

I think some research will have to go into it, It can also give us new articles of clothing with ammo pouches, Use A on a pocket to hold/ Remove a mag. So instead of using military items used to hold ammo/ grenades for regular storage you can use them for its intended use of holding magazines/loose rounds.

I think overcomplicating the issue with pockets and clothes dedicated for mag storage is something we should try to avoid. We already have chest rigs, dump pouches, drop leg pouches etc. They provide storage space and it’s up to you how to use it. You can put medkits there or mags it doesnt matter, they aready provided you with storage.
I personally wouldnt want to micro-manage my inventory even further. I have storage, I have a list of items. Assigning eash item to each pocket is something we don’t need until we have graphics interface for inventory. We already spend half of the time in menus :slight_smile:

Agreed, we can use existing storage items for that IMPLIED purpose.

Though I can see items for storing a few mags like that being useful if they have volume, maybe.

for me personally it looks like a loop. You have items with 4 storage, you wear it, it adds to overall storage. If you have, let’s say, 4 mags with volume 1 each and you put them into that 4-storage pouch to free up some storage space in your inventory - that pouch shouldn’t add to Storage amount initially, otherwise we end up with new refined inventory system, like:

Chest Rig (4/10)

-M4A1 Mag x 2 (2)
-FAL Mag x 2 (2)

Militay Rucksack (2/80)
-plastic bottle of clean water (2)

etc. you see where I’m going? If you want to manage what item goes where, this kind of inventory will work. Otherwise there is no point in expanding it beyond holsters, quivers and sheathes we have now to store weapons. This ends up in over-management problem eventually.

Right. It probably all depends on how MUCH volume magazines will take up, admittedly.

Personally, if magazines are implemented as too bulky, I can see implementing them being a massive pain in the ass. No such thing as enough storage space, after all.

I would say each rifle mag similair to STANAG should be take 2 volume (like a 0.5 liter plastic bottle).
Each smaller one like pistol clip - 1 volume.

This is a settled issue, if we switch to finer grained inventory (items being assigned to specific containers/pockets/etc), it will come with inventory code that let’s you ignore it for the most part. If we were going to add one that requires you to do all the hard work we’d have it already, because that’s actually fairly simple, it’s making it smart and have a good interface that’s a bit tough.

Special casing things like stashing knives in boots and the way quivers are implemented is something I push back on and shouldn’t spread further.

Ah, very well then. If the issue of magazine encumbrance is already settled, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Something tells me that I’ll be loving the KSG even more after this becomes a thing, though. XP