We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Longer heal times would probably be ok. The survivor DOES heal awfully fast.

I just assume that it is the blob infection passively trying to keep your body intact until such time as you die properly and it can take full control. :yum:


Well technically when there are certain animals around. They poop “Manure”. Which I think has a practical application in game terms to re-use. But I want the option of humans peeing and pooping.

I think there is all manner of great moments to be had in such options. Fear effects. Reactions. Having to take care of business at moments you just cannot do such things and it makes doing search runs pretty interesting to have to deal with body functions. The funny and scary moments when you have to pee or poop and you got zeds bashing down a door lol


Imperceptive Healing. Used as a debuff. But I have to use it because I hate how fast people heal in game without it. =D


Add these little fellas to the game.



A new kreck for our bestiary :3


Add the trait “tall” to the bad traits. No clothes/armor fit and all clothing/ armor costs 20% more materials to make. Zombies gain 10% increased sight distance. +1 positive interaction with female NPCs if male. +2 negative interaction with male NPCs if female.


Add the trait bald. Imperceptibly lower resistance to bash damage, and negative reaction from NPCs, especially if character is female. All hats become stylish. Occasionally NPCs will ask you if you have cancer instead of greeting you normally.


-5 interaction with male npcs if male :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would hope your wife looks better than a dead woman.


“hey man wanna trade?”
“do you have cancer”


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An NPC who gives a mission for you to make him a pillow waifu.


This would be made even better of an idea if you have several of them make a bigger critter…like a big ball or something that rolls like a lawn mower :wink:


Npc escort quest, but they insist on taking the scenic route through the city, and you can’t tell them not to shoot loud guns or stop smashing every corpse.


Give chicken walkers an mini nuke launcher and ad a robot to sex shops called "pleasure bot"It can stun look you in place with bondage gear and if you aren’t a masochist you get an -500000000000000 pain debuff

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Mininuke? Let’s just give them a 155mm from the SPA with two .50 Cals, along with long range teargas cannons (That can seep through armor and such).


Give brutes the hability to play basketball ball with the player character


Each artifact you pick up adds an additional non-negligible chance to summon Cthulhu, letting you double-down on the apocalypse.


Can I put it to sleep by ramming it with a boat? :stuck_out_tongue: