Watch Your Last Moments? (Y/N)

So, it certainly seems like it takes even a terrifyingly huge hoard of zombies an hour or more to actually finish you off after the point the game wrests control away from you (usually in my experience when my head looks like this :) upon YASD. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall the “watch your last moments” segment ever actually ending before I got board with watching myself get abused and quit. Bug or feature?

depends, are they regular zombies? if so then it’s because they get an accuracy debuff to hit something ‘lying down’, anything else has good enough hit rate to ignore it.

Recently, I’ve seen it take effectively forever (i.e. several in-game hours, until I lost interest and esc’d out) with like 30 regular zombies, and I’ve seen it take effectively forever with a Zombie Brute, a Grabber Zombie, and a single regular Zombie, so I don’t know.

Brutes seem to have good enough hit rate to just pretty much always hit. Or maybe I’m just unlucky. I know I should invest in Dodging more as beginning characters.

IIRC, “watch your last moments” is intentionally supposed to be a “death camera” that goes on until you get tired and quit.

That’s what I was thinking, too. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug.

Wording could be changed to “Watch your last moment and the aftermath indefinitely until you get tired of it?” or something to that effect, though. Not a high priority, obviously, but it’d be more accurate.

It’s basically a feature that allows you to see your last death, so if you did something insane or absolutely dumb, you could re-watch the absolute train wreck that was your death.

Really? I thought it’s a feature that you confirm before saving your dead character (or alt+F4 to cheat, cough cough).

The feature is literally mentioned on the C:DDA website. When it talks about features in 0.C it mentions the deathcam

Yeah, what confuses me is the Cam seems to be working, but not the Death. As far as I can tell, my character never actually dies, because the Deathcam footage never actually ends. I mean, the character is dead, I get to write too few words on their tombstone and then they become “forgotten amongst the the billions lost in the cataclysm”, but I think the Cam should end at some fixed point after the character is dead like most killcams.

Couple things I noticed with death cam:

Spitter zombies more or less kill every other zombie nearby. It’ll keep spitting acid at your survivor’s corpse, damaging all the non-acidproof creatures gathering around your survivor, eventually dying.

An exploit, though maybe it doesn’t work anymore. Death cam can make ammo using enemies waste their ammo on your corpse. For example, lab start. Your survivor gets killed by a turret. Using death cam, the turret will keep shooting until it runs out. Start a game on the same run and scenario, and if you end up on the same lab the turret that killed your previous survivor will no longer have any ammo.