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Give player one turn after he get fatal wound. After player’s death don’t autosave and exit game.
For what? Revenge with dynamite/c4/mininuke for example.

Hmmm… uhmmm… ermm… No, just say no. When you are screwed, you pretty much know that well in advance. There rarely is something like insta-dead in Cata.
Be a brave kamikaze, Reaper!


I like it. +1.

well, if you got a fatal wound, then… thats it, however maybe some … spect mode where the view stays and you can wait for things like granates to go off

Post Spectorum…


Don’t really see the value in this tbh. There already are situations where you know you are almost fucked. (Standing, with your back to the wall, next to the hulk, with a red | head, and no ammo).

It would probably just create a lot of headaches. And dropping a c4 does nothing. (The next turn you die, the game saves and quits, and the bomb only goes off the next time a player enters that part of the map). So you should implement a system that processess all running effects. Etc.

I think that’s the point of this suggestion. Running a few extra turns after the player dies (with their speed set to zero) would allow for the ‘last gasp’ actions of the player to have an effect prior to the next time they get there.

Maybe a perk wheree if a person takes fatal damage they survive with 10 hp on all body parts not broken and a nasty debuff

Drop a granade, if you get the buff it’ll give you extra HP. Debuff and you die anyways.

Granades are awesome, found 4 with my latest character, my stats are all at least 30 now.