Warning for uncooked meat and unpurified water

When you try to eat something rotten there’s a message basically saying that it’s nasty and asking if you’re sure you want to eat it. It’d be nice if there were something similar for unpurified water and uncooked meat. “It smells a little funny/It’s glistening with blood. Are you sure you want to eat it?” It’s something you’d notice irl, and it’d save some trouble once in a while.

This actually seems a bit reasonable. I’ve misclicked a lot, ending with my character eating raw meat instead of his human nachos.

This seems a little too “hand-holdy” to me, and I’ve always felt like the lack of handholding was supposed to be a staple of the roguelike genre. If we include a prompt for every negative action, nobody will ever take a negative action. But on the other hand, there is something to be said for the “your character would never willingly drink bleach” argument, so it could go either way.

Ironically, I’ve accidentally drank bleach while trying to eat raw meat.

I Think this should go into the game, I usually look for cooked meat, and since its called Uncooked meat it is very similar looking and easy to accidently confuse the two in a frantic eating choice. Also, the warning would be good for alerting new players that its probably not a good idea, I know I lost a few characters in a pool of their own vomit from drinking toilet water, LOL what a noob.

The bolded statement is precisely why this suggestion should be implemented; it’s not hand-holding, it’s anti-frustration.

That’s not even mentioning how most of these accidents happen due to the ui screwing around with inventory key assignments. So in lieu of fixing that, having an additional prompt would at least be a decent quick-fix (assuming it’s quick on my end).

Maybe it should be selectable “no warning/warning/refuse” option.
My character never eats uncooked meat or not clean water, but i have a bad habit to press Y without read the warning.

[quote=“latogato, post:7, topic:6387”]Maybe it should be selectable “no warning/warning/refuse” option.
My character never eats uncooked meat or not clean water, but i have a bad habit to press Y without read the warning.[/quote]

This is also a good idea, I just feel like the Y/N would be easier to implement and it would help out noobs, but who cares about them noobs

Not for un purified water, it’s supposed to be difficult to tell clean from dirty.

What’s next? A prompt before you drive into a landmine?

Drinking untreated water is preferable to dying of dehydration. And honestly, unless the cataclysm did something to it, running water should generally not be equable with suicide… But as it stands, the hero of the story has a perfect memory of what they have and have not boiled, and boiling fixes everything. Putting in a check to see if the player is desperate or just made a mistake, or didn’t realise that there might be risks, doesn;t seem to be as much hand-holding as already exists…

Also in a completely unrelated note unpurified water collected from rainstorms is generally safe enough to drink without boiling, it has only about one in 12 chances of poisoning, a totally worthwhile risk.

it’s not a matter of ease of implementation, having the game ask ‘are you sure?’ every time you do something potentially dangerous is a crappy UI, and adding more prompts where it’s borderline just gets people in the habit of responding yes to everything.
I can see adding one for raw meat and other obviously ‘probably not really food’ items based on a flag, but water is right out.