Random Food Poisoning

I keep getting food poisoning from eating safe foods like cooked meats and things that probably shouldn’t give it like wild veggies. Anyone else having this happen?

Are you cooking with rotten food?

Nope. I harvested the meat from a wolf and cooked it as soon as I could (within an hour) and I still got food poisoning.

I believe uncooked wild veggies can give food poisoning. I wasn’t sure if you were saying you just ate cooked meat and wild veggies or if you meant cooked meat and cooked veggies.

The only other thing I could think of is drinking unsafe water by mistake or if you have one of the food ‘allergy’ traits.

I ate meat on its own and immediately got the debuff :confused: I kinda get the raw veggies but unless the got severely nerfed they should still only rarely give food poisoning. The water I get is from the rain so it should be fine. Also I do have lactose intolerance, but i cant remember pouring milk onto my wolf meat.

Actually i think it might be my water even though my water is rain water

I believe that any water that appears as ‘water’ has a chance to cause food poisoning. Always boil it up into ‘clean water’ when you’ve got a choice.

I don’t know what the specific reasoning is, but in real life, rain and snow carry a lot of pollution.

I’ve been drinking rain water and it says in many places in the wiki and subreddit that it’s completely safe. I think that it’s because I’ve been getting my rainwater from a funnel inside of a building, and the game doesn’t know how to handle that.

No, all water needs to be boiled into clean water, (unless using it for cooking or into other drinks)

alright thanks. ill keep that in mind

All water not specified as Clean Water is dirty in game terms.

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Not true, there are definitely variations. Water pumped up from a well is marked as “water” but it’s safe to drink, I have a couple of characters who drink little else and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one get sick from it.
River water is less safe, but you’re usually fine to drink a couple times without boiling if you’re in a pinch, then rainwater, toilet and I think swamp water is the most dangerous.
I’ve never delved the code for how this works, just have plenty of experience with various characters with a blasé attitude towards possible food poisoning. Heh.

Yeah it cant just be that all non-clean water is actually dangerous. I’ve started a new character since posting this, and I’ve survived about 30 days drinking almost only unboiled and unpurified rainwater, and I still have yet to get a single bout of food poisoning. I’m still thinking that it could’ve been that I was gathering rainwater from within a building, or maybe my character was just randomly more predisposed to food poisoning.

I used to drink exclusively rain water. And maybe get food poisoning for 1 or 2 times.

It is rare but is possible.

Real life is funny. Most water is contaminated. The water that doesn’t make you sick is still contaminated. Not becoming sick from it doesn’t mean it isn’t contaminated. Just means your immune system was good enough that didn’t noticed.

As for this game? Perhaps something similar.


If you feel compelled to drink water irl outside of a bottle or tap. Make damn certain you boil it for 3-5 minutes or use a filter of some kind. Filters are as cheap as $20US these days. Even walmart carries a variety of camp and faucet filters.