Warning for drinking poisonous items

I think we could really use a prompt like eating too much or walking off a ledge because its too easy to accidentally poison yourself. If you’re trying to bulk up during eating it can be especially fatal if you accidentally drink alcohol instead of milk

Unless I misremember, there’s already a warning for drinking things that are blatantly toxic, like bleach. I know this because I had a previous character drink a shitload of bleach for funsies. If you find it “too easy” to accidentally slam a bottle of vodka, I would personally suggest paying attention to what you consume.

Of course, a rebalance for alcohol to not give you alcohol poisoning from a pint of beer or two wouldn’t be amiss, either.

I had a feeling somebody would say “be careful” but that only helps if you’re paying attention or desperately downing all the food you can find before fleeing.
Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

Unless you’ve got the realtime turn progression turned on, this is STILL a turn based game with infinite time available to consider what you’re doing before you do it. I’m gonna double down on that ‘be careful’ and add ‘slow down’ and ‘pay attention’ to the list of things to be done to mitigate this issue.

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