Wandering Spawns?

This is just your obligatory “Are wandering spawns still fucked and glitchy?” question thread :slight_smile:

Sort of. They really aren’t glitchy per se. But the way the spawning part works can sometimes make them less fun. For example if you leave your walled in superbase to scavenge and a horde wanders onto the same tile as that base they’ll spawn INSIDE the walls when you re-enter the reality bubble.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I play with them on, and I really like the way they make it meaningful to build a good base.

My main complaint about them would be that large cities are absolute deathtraps.

I use wander spawns most of the time. My current character is using static spawns though, but that’s only because I bumped up the difficulty and spawn rate with a few mods and wander spawns were just too much to deal with at the very beginning.

I’m a newbie and I play with wander spawns + static. It makes the world insanely dangerous, but is surprisingly manageable with doubled season lengths.

I’m also playing with PK’s increased difficulty mod though.