"Wander spawns" spawns too many zombies?

I used to play with “wander spawns” off, but today I feel tired of quiet cities so I turned it on and start a new map.

Now every time I enter a city a horde of zombies welcomes me. Their population recovers so quickly that when I was butchering I saw a message box which says spawning fails because the spot is already taken by another one.

Is this a feature or a bug?

And how to conquer the city?

Quietly. You can see the roaming hordes on the map I believe, so try not to draw any attention. If you make loud noises they will come.

Thats the worst world option ever besides random npcs it breaks the game so much, its impossible to survive more than one week and also makes loud weapons and vehicles off bounds, in conclusion, IT SUCKS HARD.

I play wander spawn, x5 spawn, and I regularly retire characters at 2+ years old. It’s not impossible - I love it.

It’s not impossible, I’ve been watching Rycon play with them on, on youtue, and not die yet after over a year, maybe two. You just have to be careful. Maybe even master the early/mid game with them off, before trying them.

In conclusion of what the others said: “Git Gud Scrub” hehe

Seriously though, when I first started playing a few years back I thought everything was way to hard and turned the spawn rate of Zs way down and items way up and still ended up debug spawning stuff in. The more I played the harder I could make the game and still have the same amount of success as when it was set to easy baby mode, but with more fun!

Ya nowadays I can leave rates as their defaults and live years in game. But “wander spawns” is another thing.

It changed the game to totally another one. When it’s off, I can actively search towns. When it’s on, I can only hide in LMOE and waiting for wandering zombies to bring random resources in.

It appears one has not learned the abilities of hiding in a boarded up house on the edge of towns.

zed spawns are intense, but soooooo so much better and more manageable than 0.C.

They arent too bad, just require an armored truck or agile bike. dont halfass it with a cop car once you hit endgame.

Ya nowadays I can leave rates as their defaults and live years in game. But “wander spawns” is another thing.

It changed the game to totally another one. When it’s off, I can actively search towns. When it’s on, I can only hide in LMOE and waiting for wandering zombies to bring random resources in.[/quote]

The secret is to find a place to hole up a decent hike away (as you’re doing), but close enough to go hit the outskirts of town each night. No particular goal other than thinning the herd, but if you keep hitting the same area (not EXACTLY the same, usually, just to avoid whatever nasties were attracted there), you’ll eventually start clearing the outermost structures.

If it’s a large city, that alone might take a season or two. If it’s medium-ish in size, and you can’t seem to make progress, one night, go around to another edge of town - sometimes, the hoard will have moved to where you’ve been clearing, and this newer section is almost empty.

Between those two techniques, you should be able to clear a medium town’s interesting buildings in 2-4 seasons. Note that it may still be too dangerous to try to penetrate the town during the day! But you might want to start coming to the outskirts during daylight, just to get a view of how many stragglers are still wandering about.

Actually clearing a medium town to the point of daytime safety may take well more than year, but by then, your skills should be getting pretty significant, and it should start getting easier.

(Note that I run x5 spawn, standard season length. With longer seasons and/or fewer spawns, all those number should come down a bit, but I think the technique should still be viable.)

Patience is the name of the game, and ALL town contents are expendable to stay alive. That electric car you want? If a hoard comes, don’t even THINK about trying to defend it. (But maybe start a house fire 2 houses down and hope that they go there instead…)

and ALL town contents are expendable

Which does raise the point of RE:emergency measures.

Carry as much of the following as you can:

  • A smoke bomb. Reducing your scent trail at night and providing some limited LoS cover at day.
  • Flashbang. Dangerous in a city but essential for stunning nearby zeds, this can also help.
  • Molotov/incendiary grenade. Learn how to ‘lead’ you shots and run away from a dropped explosive. Fire is an excellent way to kill dangerous grouping of zeds and is useful to kite hordes into as they come, but it requires some … finesse and risk management lest you blow up or a grappler comes by.
  • Zombie pheromones. Use if surrounded, warning may still be bugged.
  • stimulants and painkillers. alcohol is a painkiller. Use wine or the ‘good stuff’ such as rum and coke or philsner to avoid crippling thirst or depressant penalties. Candies are stimulants, oxygen is a stim, and of course caffeine is a stim. And, caffeine is also available in pill form. Several caffeine pills will buff your speed.
  • Manhacks. Distractions and/or explodies. I mod in a firebomb hack Im particularly happy with. Non-special zeds will have a fieldday chasing after manhacks.
  • Goo Canisters. Ditto here, but with the added benefit of sometimes blobifying a nearby zed when used.
  • emergency shotgun/revolver. Hulks are a game ender, and one poorly placed brute can dislodge you.
  • Lighter. As mentioned in an above post, starting fires for the noise and the night-light kiting is great. But fire and smoke also cover your smell when you flee.
  • NPCs. Nonessential Protection Combatants. If they die you can live. Ive totes thrown a grenade at the feet of my NPC buddies and fled before.
  • Mounted turrets. Seriously, setting a turret on a car or even a shopping cart to auto and letting it either take the heat or defend you as you flee is fantastic. Even sometimes worth the noise they make doing so.
  • Back up Weapons. the last thing you want is to find out that a zombie technician has grappled your sole rifle or mace out of your hands in the middle of a fight. Carry a backup, or train your fists.
  • a folded up bag or backpack. Carry something to store sudden boons into. A leather backpack might be space-intensive, but runner packs, rucksacks, molle packs, and, yes, folded plastic bags are great for the opportunistic survivor on the go.

I gotta say I love wander spawns. They’re pretty nasty, yeah, but you learn to deal with them after a while. Also it means that when you’re out in the wilderness, zombears and antlered horrors and other such things in the distance will be visible as a flashing green Z on the overmap, so you can avoid going near them with your newbie wilderness guy, which is actually a lifesaver for that kind of start.
Also, seconding everything pisskop said, and adding that you should find or build some kind of cart quickly, shopping cart, wooden cart, doesn’t matter. You can stuff it full of nailboard traps before going somewhere dangerous, and then throw them down in front of nastier zombies. You can jump on top of it to avoid spitter zombie’s pools of acid. You can fill it with loot, and if necessary, ditch it and run like hell safe in the knowledge that you’re light and unencumbered, and you can come back for your stuff later.

In my latest game it was turned off for the purpose to settle in a city, found a good place, boarded up and decided to turn it on. The next thing what happens I see like 100 zombies near my base, I think maybe they will go away… Nope, they begin to smash my door, windows, get inside and thump everything. Now I have a good base very far from town but next to the pavement, I’m reluctant to activate Wander spawns but the need for roleplay make want to pull the pin.

no, what happened was you never cleared them out when you built uo your base, because they were off. you activated their wrath, and wander spawns are infamous for spawning within eyesight and around smells and sounds. andd, since sounds only exist within the reality bubble …

gotta build when they are on to make sure it doesn’t happen if you want it on

So that means turn it on at start or say hello to your new neighborhoods… Guess my other character will definitely have to get a deathmobile.