Has Wander Spawn been fixed yet?

My latest experiences with wander spawns have been like playing Whales’ Cataclysm, with hordes of zombies spawning out of thin air (no hyperbole) after breaking a few windows - actually a bit worse than Whales’ Cataclysm.

I was just wondering if wander spawns have been rewritten or something along those lines.

Nope, it still is unplayable.

It’s somewhat manageable, but a bit hard to do. It seems during the first few days you’ll wake up with a horde surrounding you, but it’s not too horrible with a bit of running away and being a nomad for a while.

Far from perfect, really, though it is somewhat fun later on when you encounter a horde of hulks running toward you.

It;s far better than it used to be. If you fancy a challenge in the experimentals then go for it. it;s still got bugs associated with it. But it’s shaping up nicely. I use it in conjunction with NPCs set to spawn low and the chaos that can unleash is pretty fun to watch. Hordes zoning in on npcs going brash with noisy weapons. herds loitering outside your safehouse after explosions. One thing for certain is wander spawns make construction and fortifications really necessary for when you settle anywhere on the surface for any length of time. If you want a sometimes punishing challenge and the high chance of being forced to relocate early in the game. Give it a go. They also scale with enemy spawn rate settings now.

The last time I played was lateish April, so if there’s been any significant changes since then that’d be good.

Big hordes can get pretty huge. Had a silent weapon, faced off against a big horde, and killed at least 200 of them. It’s a fun mid to late game challenge, but those same numbers can happen early on if you’re not careful.

Turn on hordes, fast zombies, zombie nightvision, and crank the spawn setting up to something atrocious. Then debug yourself a superhero of a character who nevertheless still finds himself running away constantly as hundreds of zombies chase him and demolish every building and car in their path. It’s pretty fun.

Well, wander spawn seems to work fine in the current version, as long as you use silent weapons. On the other hand if you have static spawn + wander spawn you get some silly number of zombies initially.

We’ve made some of the backend changes required to implement Hordes 2.0, but no, it’s not quite finished yet. :stuck_out_tongue: