Wait, can I Flag MYSELF?!

I had just noticed that when you press the triple dots on your own post the option to ‘flag’ pops up. Suggesting that you flag yourself.
Was that, just, like an oversight, or something? I don’t see the practicality in having that as an option on purpose; If you say something wrong on your own post, you can just edit it.

Yeah but you really should flag yourself. It’s only fair.


I don’t get it, was that, like, a joke? I have autism and that can mess me up with interpreting social cues. Especially on text. I’m a very sarcastic person who has trouble detecting sarcasm, sometimes.

I tried using it once to get a resolved issue’s thread deleted but it didn’t work. Quite a lot of forums let you flag yourself so it’s not particularly odd.

Probably you can flag yourself because it’s simpler that way. It would be weird if you actually flagged yourself but it’s not a problem or a bug if you do. Someone certainly could have put in a check to prevent you from flagging yourself but that would mean adding code to fix something that’s not actually a problem. Best to just write the code so it works in the most obvious and consistent way (any user can flag any post) and not add any exceptions unless and until there is a real problem to fix.

Yeah sorry, I was being facetious.

Jaythirty explains it adequately above.

Ah, okay, got it. That all makes sense. Thanks for the info!
Due to my desire for perfection, personally, I’d probably remove it, as I know it would annoy the shmappleberry out of me.
But of course, not everyone feels like that, and I’m far from an expert in developing websites, so I have no clue just how difficult it would be to add it. So, can’t complain.

Internet self-flagellation.


Wait what? Are you talking to me? I have no clue what you mean by that. Care to elaborate?
We don’t really want this all going off topic so, if you want to better explain what you mean by that, it might be smart to just, like, PM me, or something. I dunno.

I flagged my own post.

It’s a play on words friend. Self-flagellation is a form of self-mutilation performed by religious zealots. Flagging yourself is the topic of this post. It was a joke. :sweat_drops:

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So we can literally commit social suicide on an open-source roguelike game forum. Truly an age to live in.


Ooooh, now I get it.
Good one.

I’m flagging this thread. Just joking.


Since this seems to be the month to get really pedantic about stuff…

Self-mutiliation through self-flagellation is not a behavior limited to religious zealots, and there have been new studies done to suggest it might be a manifestation of OCD.

Self-flagellation, without the pointy bits at the end of the flogger, is a common practice in many sects as an element of meditation and prayer. It is also used by some folks just for fun. Media portrayals tend to focus on the bloody versions rather than the sane ones, because that’s what media does.

I’ve engaged in the version of this that doesn’t cause any noticeable damage to the body. Basically, I was using my back as a drum while dancing around chanting mantras. Can’t say that it particularly helped the experience for me, but I could see how it would click for some people.

TL;DR: joke was funny, explanation of joke perpetuates a stereotype that I find inaccurate and boring.

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What the heck is a Kuro? And what do you mean by ‘weaponizing’ austism?
This whole thread seems to have really gone off the rails. Or, to be more accurate, the Post.

The username comes from Greek statues: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kouros

They changed how you translate Greek into English at some point after I started using it. ~shrug~ Doesn’t really fit me, anyway.

And if you think THAT was pedantic, you should see some of the comments I’ve been getting on my various social media accounts. It’s like the entire planet decided this month was dedicated to the god of Pedantry or something.

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In my defense, when explaining a joke I err on the side of brevity. Too much detail and all humor is lost. Didn’t mean to offend you.

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I think we should flag you for one thing and he for another. But then again I think I’ll take a nap…I seem to be flagging :sunglasses:

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@Hof1993, Okaaayyy, and what’s ‘anal retentive?’ I haven’t the faintest clue. And how does that relate to @kuros?

I think I somehow turned this one thread into a previous thread I made, called something like ‘The Chat Room,’ which ended up having a failure to launch.
The soul purpose of it was to provide a place to talk about whatever you wanted without the worry of tangents.
Somehow, greek statues, self flagellation, and joke discussion all ended up here too.
There are only two requirements left for this thread to be a reincarnation of The Chat Room: A debate of what’s the best way to PB & J sandwiches, and the title gets a bit of a change.
I’m ever so tempted to put up a poll just to see how many people want that.