Wait, can I Flag MYSELF?!


I think we should flag you for one thing and he for another. But then again I think I’ll take a nap…I seem to be flagging :sunglasses:


@Hof1993, Okaaayyy, and what’s ‘anal retentive?’ I haven’t the faintest clue. And how does that relate to @kuros?

I think I somehow turned this one thread into a previous thread I made, called something like ‘The Chat Room,’ which ended up having a failure to launch.
The soul purpose of it was to provide a place to talk about whatever you wanted without the worry of tangents.
Somehow, greek statues, self flagellation, and joke discussion all ended up here too.
There are only two requirements left for this thread to be a reincarnation of The Chat Room: A debate of what’s the best way to PB & J sandwiches, and the title gets a bit of a change.
I’m ever so tempted to put up a poll just to see how many people want that.


It’s less that I was offended than that I had a random bit of information that I find nifty.


Just…read the …forget it.


English may not be your first language? No worries. Anal Retentive = to exposit an excess of detail to which end may be liken to “Beating a Dead Horse” analogy.

Kinda like this explanation? EGADS! lol 0_0

It can be either or a positive or a negative. Like over explain jokes =)


Wut? Egish obvisly firt Languig!
Nah, I’ve just never heard the term ‘anal retentive’ before. I’ve never heard and/or understand lots of things most people tend to think of as common knowledge.
And sometimes putting two things together can be really hard as well. As I believe I have previously explained: Autism. I take things very literally and figured it somehow had something to do ‘keeping your buttocks.’ Which seemed, odd. I figured I misunderstood something along the way.
There have been many a time when I’ve been told to do something, such as put spaghetti noodles in boiling water, and I don’t finish the rest of it. It was suggested that I should set a timer, but I wasn’t told to do that, so the idea of doing so never crossed my mind. Every time someone says ‘what’s up,’ my reply is typically either ‘the curling,’ or ‘the sky.’

EDIT: What do you mean by ‘beating a dead horse?’


How is it that Kevin has yet to pop in here and shut the thread down for starting to be totally irrelevant to what it was supposed to be?

I’m just gonna go with this term I thought of: ACR - Arbitrary Cosmic Reasons.
Basically, if there is no logical reason for something, something just doesn’t make sense, and stuff happening that doesn’t seem to be realistic, would fall under ACR.
Some examples would be:
-Anti-vaxxers (YAY! Let’s heavily increase the chance our newborn will die from perfectly preventable illnesses!)
-Kevin not popping up in here
-The topic of Entertainment (How does looking at a screen, shooting fake zombies actually make sense? And what about moving plastic objects around a colored piece of cardboard?)
-The topic of ‘flat earth’ (Literally just find a place of high elevation and you will SEE THE CURVE OF THE EARTH!)
-Why people thought that punching holes in a guys skyll would ‘cure them if demons,’ to help them (The death rate of that was massive, so it’s obviously helping.)
I think you get the gist.


Beating a dead horse means you overdo something. Like you got a perfect score on a test but retake it for some reason, that is beating the dead horse.


Yeah, it’s basically like trying to get your horse to get up and pull that wagon, and somebody points out “he’s dead, he’s been dead for hours, why are you still yelling and hitting him?”
I believe “anal retentive” comes to us from that old fraud Freud.


Ah, okay. I understand it now.


I think anal retentive was a reference to potty training difficulties implying other kinds of difficulties would manifest when you got older.